Workflow changes and updates

One of the problems you run into when running a major project like Theme Hybrid with 100+ themes, plugins, and other code projects, is organization and maintainability. Of course, this issue is compounded a bit when you’re a one-man show.

What I’ve been doing over the past couple of weeks is reorganizing pretty much everything behind the scenes. I’ve been revamping how I track and make changes so that it will be, mostly, a better experience for me. Of course, anything that makes my life easier as a developer will make things better for you all in the long run.

Moving everything to GitHub

One of the major changes I’ve made over the past year is to move all the code for my plugins and themes to GitHub. This has made my life immensely less stressful. Before, I had been running my own Subversion repository. I like Subversion to a degree, but it never fit my workflow like Git. GitHub just made it easier.

Using GitHub is not without its drawbacks for me. For one, it means I’m maintaining my code outside of (I’d been doing this anyway). So, when a plugin/theme update is ready, I also have to push the code over to, which means I’m now maintaining code in two places.

The great thing about using GitHub is the social aspect. Anyone can report bugs, request enhancements, make pull requests (submit code changes), or even fork a project. You can find all of my repositories via my GitHub page.


I currently have nearly 30 publicly-released WordPress plugins with only more on the way. The top item on my to-do list in the past two weeks was to handle them. So, I made a promise to myself:

Every week out of the year (except maybe major holidays or vacations), I’ll push an update to at least one plugin.

Keeping an organized, scheduled update list for myself is the only way to make sure I meet this goal. The code part is easy.

New plugins and updates

Last week, I pushed out two new plugins. I actually announced them on my personal blog so that I could show how they worked.

In the past week, I’ve already also released updates to three plugins:

If you use any of those plugins, please rate them. Also, if you use any theme from here, you’re already using Breadcrumb Trail and Get the Image. They’re just packaged with your theme.

I have more plugin updates on the way. I’m about to start work on another as soon as I publish this post.


Yes, theme updates are coming. I felt it was better to focus on plugin updates first though. The code behind all the themes is already stable. Plugins just need a little love first.

If you’re currently a member of the club, you can check out what’s going on with my newest theme in the forums. I’m in the early stages if creating it, so any feedback is welcome. It’s going to be something cool.

There’s not much else on the theme front. Just keep using them.

Hybrid Core

If you build custom themes with Hybrid Core, I encourage you to check out some of the enhancements planned for version 1.7.0.

Version 1.7.0 will not coincide with the release of WordPress 3.7. Most likely, it’ll come out around the WordPress 3.8 mark. Right now, Hybrid Core is in a good, stable place. Most of the changes for it are major enhancements that I’d like to roll out slowly. Any bug fixes will, of course, be rolled out as minor releases.

Give yourself a break from worrying about major Hybrid Core changes and just build some cool stuff.


  1. Thanks for the update Justin! We all tremendously appreciate your work.

    1. You’re welcome. Let me know if there are any plugin features you’d like to see with any plugin. I’m rolling through them.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. And congratulations on moving to GitHub. Members is indispensable plugin.

    1. I’m planning a major update of Members soon too. I just wanted to roll out a quick, minor update to squash a few bugs. If you have any feature suggestions for version 0.3, now’s the time to let me know.

  3. Knowing that you are such a hard worker and a good organizer gives us assurance that themes and plugins we use are standing on a solid ground. That’s a very good thing . . .

    Thank you for sharing the update with us.

    We appreciate your work, Justin.

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