1. Paul de Wouters

    Thank you Justin for the kind words, I’m really excited ti have it featured on the blog!

    • webmarser

      Hi Paul, nice site! Your “Get a free quote” buttons – top and bottom of the page – are not working for me in FF 5.0 – however in Chrome they work. You might want to look into it.

  2. baudesign

    I really appreciate this excellent fluid design, just like the new TwentyEleven official WP theme. Bravo Paul, and good luck with your services.

  3. Alex the Wordpress lover

    Just checked wp consult out – i’m always in need of a WordPress dev so i’ll be keeping you in mind for my next job!

  4. Heather

    Justin. Why are you so awesome? Thanks Man. I’m definitely throwing you in a post sometime this week. I just have to.

    Your much too great ^_^

  5. Gregory C.

    Site is looking good!

  6. Paul de Wouters

    thanks guys for the kind words!
    by the way, I’m trying to get noticed by Automattic, as I’d like to be hired as a happiness engineer, so if I helped you out,please could you leave a short thank you comment on this site:


  7. David Chandra

    a real wordpress developer.
    (i’ll be there…someday)

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