Widgets Reloaded: Version 1.0.0

Widgets Reloaded plugin banner

One of my favorite plugins that I’ve ever worked on just got a shiny, new coat of paint.

Admittedly, I haven’t kept Widgets Reloaded as updated as I should have, primarily because I’ve been in a bit of a “no sidebar” phase for the past couple of years. When you’re not building too many themes or sites with sidebars, your widget plugins take a backseat at times.

I’m excited about this release.

Since I last updated the plugin, I’ve moved onto semantic versioning, so we’re making the leap from 0.6.0 to 1.0.0. That’s in case you were wondering what’s up with the version number.

What does the Widgets Reloaded plugin do?

If you’re not a current user of the plugin, you may be in for a treat. I encourage you to install the plugin and give it a go.

Widgets Reloaded gives you alternative versions of many core WP widgets. For example, there’s a Reloaded – Archives widget that’s a super-awesome take on the core Archives widget. Basically, you get a whole lot of additional widget options to play around with.

The plugin currently includes 9 reloaded widgets:

  • Reloaded – Archives
  • Reloaded – Authors
  • Reloaded – Bookmarks (if link manager is enabled)
  • Reloaded – Calendar
  • Reloaded – Categories
  • Reloaded – Menu
  • Reloaded – Pages
  • Reloaded – Posts
  • Reloaded – Tags

Each is bigger and more badass than what you’ll get with the default widgets.

What’s changed in 1.0.0?

Screenshot of the Reloaded - Posts widget

From a user-facing standpoint, the biggest new feature is the introduction of the Reloaded – Posts widget. This is my take on creating a better version of the core Recent Posts widget. I opted for the name “Posts” simply because there are more options than just the recent posts list.

There are many recent post widget plugins out there. However, I wanted something that kept the spirit of the core widget while baking in a few extra options. A posts widget could potentially have 100s of configuration options, so I needed to strike a balance between that and simplicity.

Some other notable changes:

  • The search widget is no longer available because it wasn’t any different from core.
  • The plugin only supports PHP 5.3.0+ now.
  • Widget class names have changed (in case you were calling them directly via the_widget()).
  • All form labels are in human-readable form (and translatable) instead of the code equivalent.
  • Each widget now supports selective refresh in the customizer.
  • The archives widget got a “post type” option.
  • The author widget now has a “feed type” option.
  • The tags widget has a “show count” option.
  • The core WP widgets are no longer disabled by default.

The future and beyond

Right now, I’m toying with the idea of building a “widget store” within the plugin that would allow users to purchase additional advanced widgets. It’s an idea I’ve had since the days back when I worked with DevPress.

I’d love to know what you think.

I’d also love hear about any widgets you’d like to see. Regardless of whether I build a widget store, I’m always interested in building new widgets.

Grab a copy of the plugin

You can install the plugin directly from your Plugins screen in your WordPress admin. Just run a search for widgets-reloaded.

You can also get a copy directly from its page on WordPress.org.

If you like this plugin, please consider joining the club or grabbing me a little something from my Amazon wish list. 🙂


  1. Thanks Justin.
    A request I usually get is creating a latest posts widget with a thumbnail and an excerpt (control length via widget)

    1. Those options are definitely something I considered. But, there are numerous existing solutions for that out there. What I didn’t see a lot of was simply an extension of the core Recent Posts functionality with some extra options for which posts to get.

      If I go with the widget store idea, I’ll certainly consider a posts widget that has more display-related options.

  2. Nice. If i ever gonna have a sidebar, i would love to use the plugin.

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