1. Thomas Clausen

    Here’s my 404-page. It’s in Danish, but let me explain:

    It’s a IP-telephony site, so the title is: The number you have dialled cannot be reached

    The picture is from the Creative commons part of Flickr

    The three top-3 are Highest rated post all-time, most read post all time and with query posts the 3 latest posts.

    It isn’t so pretty, but I hope it’s functional.

    Thanks for a great competition Justin, I hope to get a lot of inspiration here.

  2. Rarst

    I probably won’t finish my child theme in time, but looking forward to submisisons from others. πŸ™‚ I am still messing with home and single (slow me) and hadn’t yet got to advanced templates.

    • Thomas Clausen

      The nice thing about the 404-page is that you can control everything from the widget section in your theme.

      That way you don’t have to customize a bunch of thing, but you can use the drag n’ drop feature to put things into the 404 widget.

      But I’ve found the holy grail on your site πŸ˜‰

      • Rarst

        Yep, widgetizing is nice for usability. πŸ™‚ I struggled a lot to make it right on my current theme (code sucked) so I like a lot how Hybrid provides plenty of nice widgetized areas.

        PS just got to your comment, was wondering why blog drives me crazy with 404 email notifications on /themehybrid link. πŸ™‚

  3. 8207h32

    I have decide to join this contest although my theme site still in construction.
    Here is one invalid url in my site http://webedewe.com/404

  4. Wardeh

    I should have taken advantage of your 404 widget area long ago! Well, now I have, on one site. I just submitted my 404 entry via the contact page. This is a heads up to let you know it is coming. I am always suspicious of contact form submissions being lost “out there somewhere” so forgive me the double notice.


  5. bhujhangi

    for examples look for google 404 pages in fact when i had nothing hosted on the domain i used one of the google 404’s as a homepage for the domain

    here is an example


  6. Andrei Gheorghiu

    Here’s my submission.
    I used Hybrid 0.6 and Critical child theme.

    I also added the 404.png in “images” folder under Critical theme folder.
    Because I didn’t want to touch any of the files in Hybrid theme folder, I copied 404.php in Critical theme folder, re-parsed the .po file from it’s sources (using poedit) and translated the line:

    You tried going to %1$s, and it doesn't exist. All is not lost! You can search for what you're looking for.

    I also changed the three instances of ‘hybrid’ into ‘critical’ from the copied 404.php in Critical theme folder so it would look for the translation in the .mo file from Critical folder instead of the one in Hybrid.

    I was sure that it was enough but, unfortunately, it wasn’t. For some particular reason, en_EN being the default language of WordPress, it didn’t parse my en_EN.mo files.

    So I had to install qtranslate, invent a new language (Websiter with language code “we” and locale “we_WE”), saved the modified en_EN.po as we_WE.po so it generated the needed we_WE.mo. I didn’t forget to set “we” as default language of the website. Some may say that this hack cuts off the internalization functionality but I really don’t think so, as we_WE does not exist and it will always load the default texts of the plugin, which are always in English. In the very unlikely case that a plugin has another default language, all one needs to do is save the included en_EN.mo file as we_WE.mo and copy it in the internationalization folder, where they would have put the en_EN.mo file. The more I think about it, the more I realize having a “special” language is a clean and elegant way of changing texts within the theme, without touching any other files.

  7. Andrei Gheorghiu

    I also created another one this week, for lithera.ro but technically, it does not qualify as a valid submission. I do not own the domain, a friend of mine does. I’m only building the site and participate in the project.
    It’s for a Romanian literary community and the translation is:
    “Missing page
    You tried going to %1$s, but it’s missing. All is not lost. Use the form below to search for what you’re looking for.”

  8. Hxh90

    In fact, I am not really good on Photoshop…
    but, let me join this contest..and heres my error 404 page…


    Thx πŸ˜‰

  9. nightowl

    This is a fun little project. I opted for a tabbed widget, search form and contact link.

    Here’s my entry: http://squidlog.com/404


  10. Andrei Gheorghiu

    Just made another one. πŸ˜€
    It’s all CSS. Tested it in FF 3, IE 6, 7 and 8. Should work in Opera and Safari too, but I don’t have them here.
    It has no br tags, so it falls down gracefully into a single line when CSS is disabled.
    It’s made to fit in a 520px wide column, but it can be scaled down easily.
    Hope you like it.
    I didn’t want to replace my previous submission for websiter.ro, so I made a subdomain. Is that ok?


  11. Lika Starr

    Here’s my 404 page for


    Nothing fancy, just an image I made in PS. I figure the recipients of 404 error pages have the site search functions and browsing capabilities since the full site remains in view thanks to Justin’s 404 template. No need to really add a bunch of stuff to the template since it’s already there elsewhere.

    I thought about using this image but some might find it offensive and it’s certainly not appropriate for all blogs.

  12. Lika Starr

    Oops… Forgot the link to the second image


  13. Steupz

    Here’s mine from my site at frompstomp.com


  14. TJ @ Smart Blog Tips

    too bad… i am down with health problems and cannot participate in this contest. All the best for other participants.. i loved the 404 pages.. some were pretty awesome..

    i had a great idea for my site but can’t implement in time to compete… so sad… but best of luck to guys who have created the pages and entered the contest..


  15. Andrei Gheorghiu

    I’ve given up on the special language idea and remade the 404’s. Just the coding, the output is the same.
    Not because i didn’t like it, it was just not needed anymore when I used the 404 widget area.
    Didn’t know how to get the REQUEST_URI from WP (or Hybrid for that matter) although I’m sure there is a shortcode out there (not sure if usable in the text widget tho’), so I installed PHP_Code_widget to be able to display the request_uri in my message.

    I also noticed you edited the original post and have mentioned something about letting us vote. Should the votes be normal comments or will you make a poll?
    I myself would like the commented votes, but I guess it’s not up to me.

  16. Andrei Gheorghiu

    I tried to see things from your perspective and to sum up the results of this contest.
    I believe it has reached its purpose since everyone now noticed […] Hybrid theme has a unique 404 template and what that template does.
    But I believe this wasn’t the only reason behind the contest. I chance supposing you weren’t entirely satisfied by the way Hybrid dealt with 404’s and you were looking for new ideas.

    Here’s one:
    It would be nice if you included in Hybrid Settings page (under WP Dashboard) a new paragraph close to this:

    Hybrid lets you easily customize your 404 page by treating the 404 page as widget area. Just drag and drop widgets in your 404 Template in Widgets, under Appearance and they’ll show up every time a user gets lost between the pages and posts of your blog.
    The widgets will be enclosed by two paragraphs of your choice:
    Before widgets: [textarea]
    After widgets: [textarea]

    [blog-title] – inserts the title of your blog/website
    [request-uri] – inserts the request-uri that generated the 404

    Also, in the before widgets textarea you should include the current message:
    You tried going to [blog-title][request-uri], and it doesn’t exist. All is not lost! You can search for what you’re looking for.
    This would give an example of how your shortcodes could/should be used. And also, if possible, the search box should be already in your 404 Utility by default.
    I suppose the theme checks if there are any widgets in your 404 and generates the default Hybrid 404 message if there are none.
    This is a bit confusing.
    People are reluctant to add the search box to their 404 area since they believe it’s already there.

    I’d do it myself but I’m afraid adding things in the admin area is above my level of expertise. I’m better at disabling stuff from themes.
    I only hope my intentions and my choice of words were clear enough (I’m not a native English speaker).

    p.s.: Sorry I used quote tags for portions of text that weren’t quotes. I could have used code tags but I was afraid of the nasty scrollbars they generate and I didn’t want that. Just wanted to differentiate between paragraphs and there were no indications on permitted tags so I took a chance with quotes. Please feel free to style my comment as you see fit.

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  18. Justin Tadlock

    Thanks for all the submissions, everyone.

    I’m currently putting everything together for a round of voting. Look for a new post on the blog in the next few days.

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