1. I like your technique with the get_post_field and the whistle_content filter applied on it instead of using the_content. Very clever 🙂

    1. bbPress does the same thing. It’s the best way to avoid other plugins adding stuff to the_content like share icons and so on.

  2. Justin, you are on such a roll these days, you deserve a wolf whistle!

  3. ovidiu

    Sounds awesome but did I get this right, its just tabs for content, not for use in a sidebar?

    1. ovidiu

      Ah, let me add something to that: I’ve just spent a week searching for a plugin that lets me use other plugins in a tabbed widget. Still can’t find a good one. Do you maybe have something like that in the pipelines for non-hybrid based themes?

    2. It has a shortcode (actually a media button for inserting the shortcode). This will allow you to insert whistles into post content. It also has a widget, which will allow you to insert whistles in your sidebars.

      You can also insert other plugins into your whistle content, assuming those plugins have a shortcode. Even if they don’t, it’s typically trivial to create one. Essentially, you can add anything to the whistle content that you can add to post/page content.

      1. ovidiu

        ah, ok, so I can only insert widgets into the “whistle widget” if they got a short code. I’m looking for generic stuff like latest posts, latest comments and the likes.

        Will check it out and see if my needed widgets have short codes.

        If not, do you have, by any chance, a link to an article of yours where you talk about creating short codes?

  4. Wordpress Plugin Whistles zur Erstellung von Tab, Accordions und Toggles
  5. mma

    very nice!
    What about vertical tabs and responsive behaviour – or is this up to the theme developer?

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