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I think I may go for a run today. Eat some kimchi and rice. Maybe even spend a few minutes tossing breadcrumbs to my chickens.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working toward completing my biggest project yet. I haven’t neglected my personal life and health as much since the dawn of Theme Hybrid, just over five years ago. That’s the kind of guy I am though. I’m all in. It’s everything or nothing. So, when I’m working on a project that I truly care about, I tend to spend every waking moment dedicated to that project.

Yeah, I need more balance in my life and to drop the grilled cheeses. But, that’s how it goes when you love what you do.

Today, I’m introducing to you the Stargazer WordPress theme, but it’s so much more than a theme. It’s a product of a theme plus several plugins I’ve been building throughout the year. It just took me a while to wrap them all together.

What’s with the name?

Stargazer WordPress theme screenshot

I’m a huge science fiction fan, particularly the space opera. In one sense, the name is dedicated to all my fellow Trekkies out there. But, I actually came up with the name based off another popular television series, Stargate SG-1. There’s even an easy-to-find Easter egg for Stargate fans.

Outside of science or science fiction, a stargazer is also a daydreamer. I think of a stargazer as someone who is constantly dreaming of bigger and better things in this universe. And, that kind of sums up this project for me. This theme has pushed me to explore new concepts and see what I can do with them. It represents a new direction for Theme Hybrid.

So, hop aboard the Stargazer. Let me tell you what’s in store.

Stargazer WordPress theme

Blog page screenshot

The Stargazer theme is running on the latest, greatest, and not-yet-released version 2.0 of the Hybrid Core framework. I needed to do major code rewrites to really bring the framework up to par with the ideas I had for this theme.

As many of you know, Hybrid Core powers millions of Web sites around the globe. That number should, hopefully, grow even more with this theme release.

I also wanted to do some of those “premium” features you often see in commercial WordPress themes. However, I didn’t like the idea of those things locking you into using just my theme forever. If you decide to change themes, that’s your decision. Therefore, I made several plugins throughout the year that Stargazer supports but also work with almost any WordPress theme:

It also supports my Clean My Archives plugin if you’re interested in having a nice-looking archives page.

Who was this theme created for?

Finnish translation of Stargazer

Well, anyone is more than welcome to use it. However, I had several distinct groups in mind when creating it:

  • Regular Users: If you don’t know the first thing about code, then this theme is for you. You’ll have some limited but easy-to-use and powerful features for customizing the look of your site.
  • Non-English Users: If you blog in a non-English language, including right-to-left languages such as Arabic, this theme is right up your alley. Features such as per-language stylesheets and functions files are even available.
  • DIY Users: If you’re interested in tinkering around with HTML and template tags, this theme should make that much easier. You won’t have to dig through tons of confusing PHP just to make changes. Don’t know about hooks? No problem.
  • Designers: If you got the skillz and can make some truly unique designs within a defined canvas, this theme should interest you.

WordPress theme features

Theme customizer: Stargazer WordPress theme

Unless I overlooked something, this theme utilizes every WordPress theme feature available such as custom headers, backgrounds, the theme customizer, and more. Instead of introducing new ideas that users are unfamiliar with, I tried my best to stick with just the features that WordPress offers to theme authors out of the box.

Sure, there are some theme-specific options in the theme customizer and such, but everything should look and feel as natural as any other WordPress feature. There’s no need to worry about figuring out some crazy theme options system that you’ve never seen before.

This also means that the theme is plug-n-play. You can start using it without any setup if you want (though you might want to at least configure things like widgets and menus, of course).

I even went as far as creating 5 different and unique custom space-themed headers and 2 custom backgrounds that you can use (maybe more on the way). Plus, child themes can add their own.

Child themes


Like all themes here at Theme Hybrid, this theme fully supports child themes. This site began on the idea of child themes, so this theme isn’t any different.

There are a number of child themes in the works and some that are currently available. We even have some Christmas and holiday designs coming up.

Throughout this week, depending on how child theme authors are doing, I should be announcing a number of child themes on the blog. But, you can always find all of Stargazer’s child themes on the Stargazer theme page.

I said in the original announcement post about this theme, that it was possible to build a child theme in under half an hour. While I had not actually put that theory to the test when I said it, I still believed it. So, I created a custom child theme in about 22 minutes (though I later added more details).

Get the theme

I could continue writing for another 2,000 or 3,000 words about how awesome I think this theme is. I could tell you about this theme’s unique handling of all post formats. It’s multiple layout choices. The complete integration with Schema.org microdata. But, I’m going to stop now and let you find out all these things on your own by actually using the theme.

Like all themes here, Stargazer is made available for $free and is 100% open source. It should soon be available via the WordPress.org theme repository. Please ask any support questions on the support forums. I hope you enjoy this theme as much as I enjoyed making it.

Also, be sure to stay tuned into the blog for announcement posts about the upcoming child themes for Stargazer.


  1. It is magical as February stars. You just need to look at it closer to find out more and more.

    1. Thanks, Sami. Also, thanks for the Finnish translation and introducing me to J. Karjalainen.

  2. Hi Justin,

    I can see the scope of the theme for any kind of user! This theme is perfect for any type of user. Customizing it is also really easy. And with a child theme we can do anything we want.

    And of course, Thanks for being so friendly at the forums. I have never seen such a good support. I don’t know why you are less active on social media?

    1. I spend too much time on the support forums for social media. 🙂 No, really, I’m not sure. Sometimes I’m in the mood or have things I want to share; sometimes not.

  3. Antonio

    simply wow!

    1. Thanks. 🙂

  4. I have installed and activated it on my site and dev. environment. It is just so fantastic. I totally agree with addon plugins approach. I will be trying Whistles, Custom Background Extended and Custom Header Extended plugins. Then I will test switching themes. This is going to be so much fun. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I’m glad you like the theme. Definitely try out the plugins. They do offer some nice customization options.

  5. HikinMike

    I downloaded it to my testing site and it looks good. One question though. I’m using your Custom Content Portfolio plugin and I see it it doesn’t look like your using it on this theme. Are you going to use that plugin on future themes?

    1. Yes, I’m sure there’ll be other themes in the future that integrate with the CCP plugin.

  6. Maja

    I absolutely must say thank you for this theme. Did not get much sleep last night:-)

    Greetings from Norway!

    1. You’re welcome. I’m glad you like the theme.

  7. Ghandira

    I like! Thanks for this great job! 🙂

  8. Bonjour Justin,

    I installed Stargazer yesterday and it is really great ! Very nice, clear and clean. Very good work, like all the Hybrid material. Bravo !

    I translated the messages in french. If you want, I can send you the files ; just let me know how to do.

    Jean-François Boisvert

    1. Yes, please do send me the French translation files. We haven’t had anyone else working on French yet.

  9. How do I send the files ?

  10. Hi Justin

    Had a play with this today and it’s great! Thanks for your work on this. I have been wanting to get to know the Hybrid core better after using two Hybrid themes for small projects in the past year. My New Year’s resolution is to join your club ( long overdue ) and learn a lot more 🙂

  11. vinay

    hi justin i have a small doubt……., will you please help me to remove the permalink
    , and all my entered post will be shown on the main theme… waiting for your answer.

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