1. Mark

    I’d love to get a membership

  2. magarishi

    I am new to wordpress and I am making a french site, so can go for a translation in French, if you don’t have it already. Let me know how can I help. I don’t know what’s the membership is about, but I am willing to share, but need guidance of the how tos.

  3. lorr

    Hi Justin,

    I really have no intention to rush you but have you accepted my Hungarian translation I sent you a week ago?

    I just don’t know whether the lack of any response is due to that you simply didn’t accept it or you are on holiday somewhere in Asia… 🙂


  4. Pepawo


    The same me. I sent my Czech translation before a week or so (also upgrade) and no reaction.
    Perhaps too busy?


  5. Małek

    Coole Seite macht weiter. Małek

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