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This offer is no longer available.

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One of the great things about the WordPress community is that people come together and share with each other. This is something I’d like to bring a little more of into the Theme Hybrid community. This is the first step in rewarding those that give back to the community here.

So, if you can read and write well in English and another language, now’s your chance to get a free membership.

All you have to do is follow a few guidelines and offer a translation of a Theme Hybrid WordPress theme into your language.

You’ll get three months of membership for each translation you do.

Guidelines for translations

Here are the basic guidelines, but be sure to read the translating themes page for all the regulations.

  • You must fully translate each text string to your language.
  • You must have both the .mo and .po files for your language.
  • You must create a readme.txt file explaining how to use the translation in your language.
  • You must submit it in a .zip or .tar file.
  • The translation must be for the latest version of the theme.
  • It can’t be for a language that’s already submitted.
  • 1 theme translation is worth a 3-month membership.

Get your free membership already!

Right now, I’m only taking submissions for the Hybrid theme because the other themes will soon be updated to work with 2.7. Once they are updated, I’ll start taking submissions for those themes.

You can also find a full guide on translating for the Hybrid theme. I’ve provided step-by-step instructions and even a few pictures to help you along.

Just contact me if you’re interested in this offer.

Note that translations provided before this post do not fall under this new offer. Sorry.


  1. I’d love to get a membership

  2. magarishi

    I am new to wordpress and I am making a french site, so can go for a translation in French, if you don’t have it already. Let me know how can I help. I don’t know what’s the membership is about, but I am willing to share, but need guidance of the how tos.

  3. lorr

    Hi Justin,

    I really have no intention to rush you but have you accepted my Hungarian translation I sent you a week ago?

    I just don’t know whether the lack of any response is due to that you simply didn’t accept it or you are on holiday somewhere in Asia… 🙂


  4. Pepawo


    The same me. I sent my Czech translation before a week or so (also upgrade) and no reaction.
    Perhaps too busy?


  5. Małek

    Coole Seite macht weiter. Małek

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