Uridimmu WordPress Theme

For the 5th theme (yes, count ’em, 5 themes) contributed by a community member, I want to introduce you to the Uridimmu theme, created by Thiago Senna.

As far as I know, this is Thiago’s first publicly-released WordPress theme. He is a Java developer by trade. He’s even got a new site called Thremes dedicated to his work with WordPress, which just so happens to be running a child theme of Uridimmu.

The Uridimmu theme

Screenshot of the Uridimmu WordPress theme

Thiago originally submitted this theme as a child theme of Retro-fitted. I managed to convince him that it’d work better as a standalone/parent theme. This way, he could more easily control features and you all could have easier updates. Now, he has a rock-solid theme built on top of the Hybrid Core framework.

The theme itself is simple and elegant — everything you’d want in a blogging theme. If I wasn’t redesigning my personal blog at the moment, this would be a theme I’d use. So, I encourage you to check out Uridimmu if you’re in the market for a beautiful theme for your blog.

Also, everyone be sure to thank Thiago for sharing another freely-available theme with the WordPress and Theme Hybrid communities.