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It’s been a rather slow two months here at Theme Hybrid. As many of you know, I’ve been moving into a new home, which has just been one headache after another. At least I’m finally moved in. I’ve still got some unpacking to do, but it shouldn’t interfere with my work.

I do want to say thanks to the entire Theme Hybrid community for being patient with me during this process. I haven’t been as quick to get to support questions as I’d like during the last couple of months. I also want to thank all the generous members who have been filling in when I wasn’t available. So, thank you.

Hybrid Core 1.3

While there was no official announcement (before now), I released Hybrid Core 1.3 into the wild a little over a week ago. There are several code improvements and fixes in it.

Since 1.3 took so long to get out, it might be worth waiting until 1.3.1 is released for a few other fixes if you plan on updating themes (this should be out by week’s end). I’m also working on some code changes that go along with WordPress 3.4. So, if you’re still in the development stages of a new theme, keep an eye out for updates that are specific to WordPress 3.4.

Theme updates

I’ve decided to hold off on theme updates because WordPress 3.4 is so near. There’s some changes to the Hybrid Core framework that need to be added for new theme stuff in 3.4. By the time all themes are updated, they’ll need another update, so it’s better to just wait.

Theme authors

If you’ve sent me a theme in the last couple of months to be added to this site, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll be looking over all of them this week and sending you an email.

Thank you for your patience. I look forward to adding your themes to the site.

Back on schedule

I feel like I’ve hardly coded anything in the last couple of months. It feels a little odd being able to sit down for more than 10 minutes and look at code. I’m getting back into the groove of things though.

Theme Hybrid can now get back to running on all cylinders.


  1. Oh… Turns out I started new theme on 1.3 Core without noticing, just set up as subrepository without thinking much into version. 🙂

    On almost related note – I want to nag again about strict GPLv2 for Core… For a while official theme repo and as of recently plugin repo as well no longer demand v2 compatibility (just GPL in general) and strict v2 is not compatible with some awesome stuff like Twitter Bootstrap. It would be very nice to see requirements loosened for Core so it can be used with more components. 🙂

    1. Not that Justin needs me reminding either, but +1 🙂

    2. I plan on a license change to GPL v2+ when 1.4 is released.

  2. Derek Berndt

    Sorry for my ignorance…but due to licensing are we not able to use Twitter Bootstrap with Hybrid Core? How do you know what software is compatible with other software?

    1. We can use it privately just fine, but we can’t release (easily at least) because GPLv2 code of Core can’t be combined with Apache License 2.0 code of Bootstrap.

      Essentially to have single clean license Hybrid-Bootstrap theme needs GPLv3 option.

      1. Derek Berndt In reply to Rarst


        Thank you for your response. I’ll apologize again since I have a few more ignorant questions.

        Could I use Hybrid core and Bootstrap for client projects? Is it that I just can’t use them for themes that I plan to sell and distribute?

        Do you know if the Zurb Foundation or Skeleton (http://getskeleton) frameworks can be used with Hybrid?

        Where can I find more information on how licenses can/cannot be combined? I’d like to bring myself up to speed on the intricacies of licensing.


      2. Derek Berndt In reply to Rarst

        Nevermind…I just found the information on the Apache site. Reading it thoroughly now.


    2. Derek,

      Where did you find the information on the Apache site?

      1. In reply to napa web designer

        http://www.apache.org/licenses/GPL-compatibility.html has everything you need to know about using the Apache license with WordPress (and derivatives, like Hybrid)

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