1. Wolforg

    Hello Justin and congratulations for this theme 🙂
    I’ve translated it in french today, feel free to download this translation here :

    Best Regards,

  2. seenu

    great theme as always Justin,
    did you incorporate that feature in this version or planning to release next version with that?

    i highly doubt because it almost looks like retro-fitted and as for my knowledge you always release themes with new features ( not just changing css colors)

  3. WPExplorer

    Nice and clean. Looks good man.

  4. […] Trending is a parent theme for Hybrid, but it also comes with a sample child theme to help you get started. […]

  5. Northern Designer

    What was the additional feature you were trying to add?

  6. designOdyssey

    I’ll be using this theme. I’ll have to decide whether to use it as a platform to create my own parent from the embedded core or to just build a child theme. Thanks for all the work. This looks great. Still working through working with core, parents and children.

  7. […] options panel help you to customize the template from fonts to the color of the theme.Demo Download TrendingTrending is a new great free WordPress Theme by Justin Tadlock. Trending is a complete parent theme […]

  8. tonykay4269

    Hello Justin,

    The trending theme looks very cool. How can I use my own logo in place of the text? Better still, can I replace the header with an image? Your help and direction would be greatly appreciated.


  9. Mariken

    This is the perfect Theme for the blog I just finished in May! See on showcase `http://www.fullinsight.com`. This side is now based on Prototype. Trending would have been much easier to costumize.
    Is a slideshow easy to implement?

  10. runbei

    I must be doing something wrong. I installed Trending and the Trending child theme, and when I choose the options under Appearance, I see a half-page screen with only one option to code the footer. From a review of Hybrid/Trending I kinda hoped there would be many, many options, along the lines of Atahualpa. Is that not so? Would love to use a better (faster, more easily upgraded) framework such as Hybrid.

    I uploaded Trending to the Themes folder, and the child theme to the same folder. ???

  11. Gregory C.

    Hey I had a question about these child themes and Theme Hybrid.

    Are any of the themes or the framework itself affected by that recent TimThumb exploit?

    I only ask because I had a problem with a few of my sites, and it took all day to fix, just don’t want to get burned again, ha!


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