1. great theme as always Justin,
    did you incorporate that feature in this version or planning to release next version with that?

    i highly doubt because it almost looks like retro-fitted and as for my knowledge you always release themes with new features ( not just changing css colors)

    1. I might incorporate it into the next major version. It just depends on whether I get the right idea about how to handle it.

  2. Northern Designer

    What was the additional feature you were trying to add?

    1. It was a feature that displayed “trending” posts and tags weekly/monthly. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support post queries like this out of the box. I could’ve written a custom select query and pulled the data directly from the database, but I don’t believe that type of thing has any business in a theme (plugin territory). This was the biggest issue with it.

      1. WordPress does not support these types of post queries using WP_Query. You have to directly get this data using a custom select query from the database, which is something that should be avoided in a theme. You can pull posts for a specific week or specific month, but not something like the “last 7 days” or “last 30 days”.

  3. I’ll be using this theme. I’ll have to decide whether to use it as a platform to create my own parent from the embedded core or to just build a child theme. Thanks for all the work. This looks great. Still working through working with core, parents and children.

  4. tonykay4269

    Hello Justin,

    The trending theme looks very cool. How can I use my own logo in place of the text? Better still, can I replace the header with an image? Your help and direction would be greatly appreciated.


  5. Mariken

    This is the perfect Theme for the blog I just finished in May! See on showcase `http://www.fullinsight.com`. This side is now based on Prototype. Trending would have been much easier to costumize.
    Is a slideshow easy to implement?

  6. I must be doing something wrong. I installed Trending and the Trending child theme, and when I choose the options under Appearance, I see a half-page screen with only one option to code the footer. From a review of Hybrid/Trending I kinda hoped there would be many, many options, along the lines of Atahualpa. Is that not so? Would love to use a better (faster, more easily upgraded) framework such as Hybrid.

    I uploaded Trending to the Themes folder, and the child theme to the same folder. ???

    1. p.s. It’s kind of hard to try out a theme before I decide to pay for support, without any basic support for installation problems…

      1. This is the reason why I created the support forums — to help out folks who need help with things such as theme installation.

  7. Hey I had a question about these child themes and Theme Hybrid.

    Are any of the themes or the framework itself affected by that recent TimThumb exploit?

    I only ask because I had a problem with a few of my sites, and it took all day to fix, just don’t want to get burned again, ha!


    1. No, themes here don’t use TimThumb. All themes available here stick to WordPress standards.

      1. thinkdeep

        `All themes available here stick to WordPress standards.`

        I love it! Keep it up…

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