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When I launched the redesign of Theme Hybrid at the end of October, I promised that I’d share my testimonials plugin. This is a plugin that I’ve used for years here on the site but just never got around to releasing to the public.

A few of you who knew about my plans to release Toot probably thought I’d never get it released. I’ve had most of the code sitting a public repo for nearly a year. It’s just one of those things that kept getting pushed to the backburner. But, I’m glad it did. Some of the directions I took with the code benefited from me taking the time to learn and grow as a developer.

And, I’ve got some neat plans for this plugin already lined up for 2018 and the new Gutenberg project that is set to be merged into WordPress 5.0.

What is Toot?

Toot is a plugin for managing testimonials. If you have products or services that you deliver to consumers, you’ll likely want to showcase some of their testimonials at some point. I do that here at Theme Hybrid.

The plugin has all the features you need to get started:

  • Settings screen to configure your options.
  • Custom shortcodes for outputting testimonials wherever you like.
  • Categories for grouping your testimonials.

I built the plugin with the bare essentials for handling testimonials. There’s so much that can be done via add-on plugins and theme integration. I look forward to seeing what folks come up with.

Theme Hybrid members have already had some opportunities to beta test the plugin. In fact, this made for a good opportunity to show what the plugin can do right here in the announcement post. The following is using the [toot_testimonial] shortcode bundled with the plugin for showing off a single testimonial (thanks for the quote, Brett).

Been testing it this morning. So far so good and not had any issues. Does exactly what I was looking for so thanks a lot! Looking forward to a carousel option then all my bases are covered 😊

Brett Mason

Download the plugin

This is a $free plugin and is listed on the official directory. You can also grab a copy from the Toot plugin page or search for it via the Add New Plugin screen in your WordPress admin.

I hope you enjoy this release. All feedback is welcome. If you have support or customization questions, hop on over to the Toot support forum.