Themes updated to support WordPress 2.7 threaded comments

As I’m sure most of you are well aware, WordPress 2.7 is just around the corner. I expect that some of you are interested in using the new threaded comments feature.

Well, all of my themes have been updated to support this new WordPress feature except the Bliss theme. Bliss will take a little more time because it has a different comment structure than the other themes, which is going to take some special care to spruce up.

Everything else has been updated though.

Running your own custom child theme?

Since Theme Hybrid themes are built with a parent/child structure, most of you are running a custom child theme.

One major thing you need to note is that some of the comments template IDs and classes have changed, which means that your comments could potentially look a little wonky. This was an unavoidable change because of how WP 2.7’s comments are set up.

All you need to do is look in the style.css in the newly packaged themes for the comments section (this is usually near the bottom of my stylesheets). Use that as a reference if you need to fix any styling issue with your comments.

How to get the updated versions

Just head over to your theme’s page and download the latest version. Delete your old theme from your /wp-content/themes directory. Then, upload the new version.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose any saved theme settings or anything.

Note that the new releases of Options, Structure, and Visionary are only compatible with WordPress 2.7+.


  1. hi, thanks .. can you specify the version number please ?

  2. Each theme’s version number is specified on its theme page.

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