1. thinkjayant

    Hmm.. nice to see the results and check what others thought about. Footer i already widgetize. I would like to see other area also widgetized. Can we have more than primary and secondary widget areas..?


  2. Great to see the results of the survey – no real surprises there from my point of view.

    I guess what people mean when they choose a Magazine/News style and minimalistic, is that they don’t want a theme that is too cluttered or busy – one with plenty of white space and a clean layout – my opinion only.

  3. Justin wrote:

    I can create this theme though. It would only take me a few minutes and a few lines of code. If you’re interested, I’ll show you how to do it in the support forums.

    I would love to see this, because I voted for this option, even though you included it for fun. I think it’s a great idea and it gives more control to the theme users that don’t have the css and php skills you have.

  4. thinkjayant — Footer widgets will be default in the next versions of Hybrid. There’s enough people either using them or asking for them that it just makes sense to have them included.

    StormRider — I understand the implications of the minimalist-magazine theme, but from my experience, no matter how minimalistic I make it, users tend to clutter it even more.

    Thomas — I still think you might be missing the point of the joke, which I didn’t fully explain. Fully-widgetized templates would actually make the theme harder to customize. You’d have to master CSS and know enough PHP to write custom widgets to handle all the normal functions of the theme.

    For example, how would you get posts to display? You’d need a widget for that. How would you get comments to display? You’d need a widget for that as well.

  5. Just out of curiosity and to better gauge what 20% or 30% represents.
    How many people took the survey?


  6. I didn’t know that all widgetized area is a joke because I read this http://www.wp-fun.co.uk/2007/11/13/doing-more-with-widgets-changing-layouts/
    I love widgets because I like to edit content manually in text widgets instead of editing theme/function

    I want fluid layout and widgetized header and footer but I can’t find the theme like that anywhere so I created my own theme (already use on my blog but it’s not finished yet 😛 )

    minimalistic magazine layout imho: concentrate on typography, less color, less images, more negative space. It will be clutter no matter what

  7. Pegasus Team — I might release that info in the next post.

    Nice from Thailand — You’d still have to have widgets that display content. I don’t know of any widgets that do this. So, you would still have to dive into a theme’s functions.php file to create those widgets.

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