1. James

    Looks awesome – glad to see the new version. Although I am not active anymore, I owe you a lot for kindling my passion in web development

  2. Anh Tran

    Great news! ThemeHybrid was and still is one of the best resource for WordPress developers (not only theme developers). I’ve been inspired a lot from your work! Good luck!

  3. Collins Agbonghama

    I have learned a ton from you Justin (TH forum and your blog). I really love this new design. Simple, sharp font and equally appealing.

    • Justin Tadlock

      I’m glad you like the font choices. I spent a huge amount of time trying out different fonts and font combinations.

      Ultimately I went with a combo of Josefin Sans for headings and Georgia for body copy (it’s hard to go wrong with tried-and-true Georgia). And, I use Playfair Display for special areas.

  4. marty

    Really nice!
    Like the others have commented, Theme Hybrid has been instrumental in my past 3+ years of development. Looking forward to many more!

  5. billnanson

    Dear Jason – welcome back!

    Sorry for posting this here, I wasn’t sure where else to do this…
    I was a relatively early adopter of the Hybrid theme – maybe v0.6(?) – and with much trial and error made my own theme based on your Skeleton child. I updated a couple of times but am still ‘only’ running Hybrid v0.9 – the times I uprgarded were frustrating as I would only find out by chance (ie when something no-longer worked) that a particular function had been deprecated – and with a site that’s been online since 2002, that a lot of content and potentially a lot of things not working.

    Jump forward to today, and I no understanding what the ‘framework’ is, or what I should do with it – I have no coding knowledge, but can get by in css – or at least css as it was 5 years ago!

    There’s 15 years of work in my site and it’s my business too today – so where do I start If I want to bring it up to date from a structural point of view? I’ve even been tempted to restart with a child of the bundled wp theme as there is the feeling that the team will always be on top of everything there – but if you are back…


    • Justin Tadlock

      Hi, Bill. I should start off by saying the the “Hybrid theme” that you’re referring to was retired years ago. It was built off the “Hybrid Core” framework.

      Yes, I know. Poor naming on my part.

      So, the framework has continued on and is still in existence today. However, it’s really only meant for developers who want to build their own themes. It’s not something that users should ever concern themselves with. All of my themes here are built from it.

      What you need is a new theme. Of course, any of the WP Twenty* themes are solid. It’s hard to go wrong with any of them.

      However, I’d recommend something like Stargazer if you want a more traditional blog theme (content + sidebar). There’s also a number of existing child themes for it if you want a different look.

      If you want a sidebar-less theme, I’d recommend Extant or Saga.

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