1. Andre

    Hi Justin…perhaps I’m just over tired as it’s going on midnight for me, but in a nutshell, what exactly is this plugin created to do? You’ve got my interest, but if you could clarify more info, that would be awesome!

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  3. Ahmad Awais

    Happy to beta test it. Will do that over the weekend.
    Does it help with creating demos? E.g. for every theme I need to install a new WP instance to handle the demo data. I don’t think so that it does. It’s a complex thing to deal with. Any plans for something like that?

  4. Gaurav

    Very excited to see this. I’m currently using EDD with two things.
    – A function to change the base slug for EDD.
    – A highly customized single template.

    This plugin will be highly useful once I start using EDD for selling plugins as well. Thanks for building this 🙂 😀

  5. Dave Warfel

    As always, thanks for another awesome contribution to the community. I hope the premium version is a success.

    Envato/ThemeForest does have an API, and it appears to be fairly extensive. If I had a better idea how to work with APIs, I’d offer to help. But Paul Underwood has a detailed tutorial on working with it, and aladinsoft created a plugin on CodeCanyon that integrates ThemeForest data. — If either of those guys have time to contribute, that’d be a nice addition.

    • Justin Tadlock

      Cool. I figured they’d have an API. It’d really be pretty easy to integrate with any API. All you’d need is a basic class and to store the data as a transient for specific items. Then, use any of Theme Designer’s hooks to plug in the data.

      I’ll see about reaching out to them.

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