The new membership system

As I mentioned in the redesign post, Theme Hybrid is getting a new membership system. Actually, the new system has already been in place for a couple of weeks. In this post, I want to explain the how it works in more detail for those of you with questions.

You can also check out the redesigned club page for more info.

How does the new membership system work?

Theme Hybrid now has three levels of membership to cover three different user types:

  • Standard: Membership for users who need technical support and basic customization help with our themes, our plugins, and WordPress.
  • Developer: Membership for developers who will require additional, more in-depth help like designing and coding. Basically, if you build stuff on top of our products or WordPress, this is the plan for you.
  • Agency: This membership is the same as the developer membership. However, it’s for design agencies who have multiple people working on projects who need a single login.

What about old users?

Anyone who signed up before the new system went into effect and has a current membership (even during our promotion earlier this month) has been grandfathered into the Developer membership. Realizing that the current users we had would most likely fit into either the Standard or Developer groups, the best course of action was to simply bump everyone’s accounts up the the Developer option.

Basically, you’re getting the next level of membership for free. No strings attached.

Once your membership expires, you’ll have the option of renewing at any of the membership levels that best suits your needs.

Why the change?

When I first started Theme Hybrid, it was a fun experiment. I was barely a year out of college and still figuring things out. So, I made a “theme club” with $25/year memberships. I had no clue about pricing, marketing, or anything whatsoever about running a successful business.

Skip ahead nearly six years. It’s clear that Theme Hybrid is no longer simply a hobby on the side. For most of these past six years, it’s been my full-time job. The pricing of Theme Hybrid really needs to reflect that.

However, there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do from Day 1. That is to provide an affordable membership to people around the world who cannot pay $50, $100, or even more per year to run their sites and get quality help. What may be as cheap as a night out at the movies for one person can be a day’s work for another. That’s why I’d like to continue providing a lower-priced membership for users who need this option, even if it comes at a cost to me.

Why the new prices?

I’m no business guru. I just like to make cool stuff with WordPress. I try to make decisions the best I can based off the data available to me as far as the business side of things go. Thus far, I’ve done fairly well, but I’d like to do better because I’d like to make sure that Theme Hybrid is around for the next six years or longer.

Currently, yearly membership prices are listed at:

  • Standard: $19
  • Developer: $39
  • Agency: $59

These prices are subject to change as I see where things go and as I reevaluate the goals for Theme Hybrid.

I split the membership system into three groups based on the amount of time I spend on particular questions from different types of users. Often, developers might have a question that I need to spend a considerable amount of time digging into and answering. Regular, everyday users more often than not have simpler questions that don’t require as much time.

The Agency membership was added because a few people have asked for it over the years. They’d have a team from their business who would all like access via a single login.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions about the new system, don’t hesitate to ask. I like to be as transparent as possible about changes like this and value your feedback.


  1. Hello Justin,

    Just logged into my account on your site after a while. Is there a place from where I can see what my membership level is and when it expires?

    1. I’m working on this page right now, which should be fixed soon. It broke somewhere along the way. You can always shoot me an email though, and I’ll be happy to pull it up. Of course, it’d be in your PayPal records too.

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