The final statistics

My work with WordPress themes over the past couple of years has helped push me to where I’m currently at today in the WordPress community. It’s never really been about my work though. It’s been about the support I’ve received from each of you.

You’ve all stood by me as a theme designer through each stage of my progression. You stood by me when I had only a simple forum and a few blog posts on I owe many of you thanks for sticking with me this far.

I’m asking for you all to stand by me again as I make one of the biggest transitions I’ve ever made in WordPress.

You’re probably tired of hearing about the discontinuation of the Options, Structure, and Visionary themes. I know I’m tired of blogging about them.

I did want to give a final farewell to each of these themes. They have served me well over the past year, but it’s time to move on with some new and exciting stuff.

Final statistics

Mostly, this post is about having a record here of the number of downloads each theme has reached. I do want to point out that Blue Danube, Options Light, and Shadow were all packaged with the Options theme, so their numbers might be a little off.

Oh yeah, the Structure theme still rules!

Theme Name Downloads
Options 57,969
Blue Danube (Options child theme) 3,683
Good & Evil (Options child theme) 2,396
Options Light (Options child theme) 5,137
Shadow (Options child theme) 3,785
Spartan (Options child theme) 1,906
Structure 67,058
Aura (Structure child theme) 1,224
Visionary 35,862

The Options language pack was downloaded 4,141 times. The Structure language pack was downloaded 505 times.

The future

I know some of you are eagerly awaiting the next installment of themes. Don’t worry. The Hybrid News theme will be released tomorrow (assuming there are no major catastrophes).

I’ll also be cleaning up much of the site in the coming week, so things might be a little messy. I still need to get rid of a lot of references to these removed themes, and that’s going to take a little time. The tutorials will remain, so those of you using one of the above themes will still be able to read those.

I really need to upgrade this site. It’s still running on Hybrid version 0.2! I know, shame on me.

Anyway, I guess this is goodbye, Options, Structure, and Visionary.


  1. Envoy

    Farewell to my Spartan !! Thanks to blog when i first know about your site.

    As a student at that time, i was doing my final year project for my polytechnic studies. I have to do a blog. When everybody were using blogspot i gave wordpress a shot. and i am glad i did. Thanks to justin who keeps me interested in wordpress quality themes for FREE. yea a student only has $50 bucks a week for daily expenses.

    Free is always the way to go. Haha. Nevertheless, i admire your passion for wordpress theme, if there should be any need for any financial help. Let me know, i some how can help you buy a “coffee” or something.

    It is really very funny talking about some history in a site that i dont own, but the support and knowledge really make it like home. lol. Im not emotional for these themes are forever gone or something. Just thanking justing for the effort you put in.

    Bye bye options.

  2. thinkjayant

    Once again final good bye to my fav theme Options… i am still transferring all my sites to hybrid theme framework. Couple of my sites are ready and about to knock the showcase section of the forum.

    Keep up the good work justin.


  3. I am eager to see the Hybrid News theme. I run a news magazine website and want to change the current theme I am using. Cheers.

  4. Goodbye Options, Structure, and Visionary! It’s been a great time with those themes. I know that even if those themes will be gone forever, but the memories will remain forever, right? AJA!!!

    I would like also to welcome the new HYBRID THEME, I know that this will go along way!!!

  5. Farewell Structure theme. Thank you so much Justin for these wonderful themes.
    Now I need to update myself and start reading about wordpress hooks and all that stuff, even though early adopters of Hybrid theme state it is very easy to work with, I am still a noob to use it.

    Thanks again Justin

  6. awesome numbers !! but, I feel bad to see options go ..
    anyways, waiting for new themes…. 🙂

  7. rob

    I’m with iceshadowz… i came across about 14 hours too late. Options Lite! What a great theme.

  8. thanks for the structure theme, i believe u will made something good again soon…

  9. I really like Visionary a lot! and I’m excited to see your new themes.

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