1. Adam van den Hoven

    I’m actually not surprised.

    I remember WAY back in university the student’s union wanted to get student’s feedback on some topic and they figured a free Lemon Aid stand would be a great way to get people to talk to. It was a total disaster. Practically no one took them up on the offer despite being in the most prominent and busy spots in the building. When they started asking for a quarter, they started getting lots of people.

    I suspect that the problem isn’t with donating vs. paying. Its being told the value of something vs being asked the value of something. After all, if you don’t put any value on it why should someone else? I know cost and value aren’t the same thing, but the one is a good proxy for the other when you don’t know the first to begin with.

    Maybe reboot and charge $1?

  2. Towfiq I.

    Good Luck with the New plugins Justin. Looking forward to them 🙂

  3. Marcus Tibesar

    Hmmmmm…. come to think of it my free membership family-only site has only generated $1 in donations over the years.

    This post has got me thinking. It’s time to make (even family members) pay for the membership access to the site.

    Good luck Justin!

  4. marty

    That’s a shame. Though not surprising.
    I for one, love open source. And I’m more than ready to give back whenever I have the opportunity (code, money, testing, etc.).
    But for some reason I rarely ever “donate”. Not sure why. I think people just like the act of purchasing.

    For example, I purchased your role levels plugin. I don’t have a current need for it but I saw it as an excuse to donate.
    Making money with open source is still trial and error across the board.

    One of my favorite Linux projects, elementary OS has experimented with several ways to monetize their work. One thing they use is bounty source, where users pledge money for bug fixes and feature requests.

    Another cool idea is suggesting a price when you download the OS from their website. Check it out https://elementary.io/

    They also sell stickers and t-shirts through their web store. I actually just now purchased the terminal t-shirt when I saw it 🙂

    Just some ideas.

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