1. Done. 🙂

    I am clearly second category, slowly making custom theme for my blog. What I like most is that I don’t have to spend time on templates and can just modify them as needed with hooks.

    Something I forgot to write in survey – maybe you could put on this site xref of Hybrid code? I generated my own xref for WP with Hybrid code together and it is huge help in figuring how it works.

    1. That sounds like a great idea and definitely something that would be helpful.

  2. John Myrstad


    How long will the survey be up ?

    1. I don’t have a definite deadline. I figure I’ll keep it up for two weeks if people are still taking it then.

  3. Thanks for clarifying that Hybrid is not a car. 😉 Nice touch! Off to take the survey now.

  4. kingco

    A nice touch would be some more documentation for us Intermediate DIYers on how to leverage functions.php in your framework.

    1. There are several tutorials now dealing with functions.php. Do you have anything specific in mind?

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