Take part in the new community forums

Most of you should know by now that the Theme Hybrid community is going through some changes.

The support forums will soon be closed off to non-exclusive members. However, to kind of balance that, I wanted to give a little something back to those of you that are members but don’t want to spend a little extra on the exclusive membership.

Introducing the community forums

Theme Hybrid community forums

This won’t be the place to get support questions answered, but I think it will be a great asset to our community as all members can post on the new forums.

This was formerly known as the Extend or Ideas forum for those of you wondering where that went.

The forums currently come in four flavors:

  1. User Ideas
    Share your ideas for the future of themes, plugins, and the Theme Hybrid community. Everyone can rate, share, and discuss ideas.
  2. Child Themes
    Members can share their custom child themes with others. You can rate and discuss these child themes.
  3. Job Board
    You can post job requests or even post your profile as a designer/developer to take on new jobs.
  4. Showcase
    This is where you can show off your site and let others rate and discuss it. Those sites that I like or become really popular will get put in the official showcase blog.

Plus, I have a few more ideas on the way about how to make these new forums even better.

Go have a little fun with the community!

I want you all to take advantage of these forums. There’s a little something for everybody to do there.

I look forward to loads of new threads popping up in the community forums.

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