Sukelius Magazine WordPress Theme

We’re really getting on a roll with community-contributed themes! Sinisa Nikolic has created our 6th theme by a Theme Hybrid member called Sukelius Magazine.

Sinisa runs a fairly new site called ThemesBros, so I encourage you to bookmark it for when he starts adding more content. Even though his site is still a little sparse in content, he’s created an awesome theme to share with you all.

Sukelius Magazine

Screenshot of the Sukelius Magazine WordPress theme

Sukelius Magazine is a blog/news theme that has a featured content slider, five widget areas, and flexible footer widgets. It allows you to choose from multiple layouts, has two nav menu locations, and supports WordPress post formats. It also provides support for some social networking profiles.

It uses pretty much every Hybrid Core feature out of the box, so you get awesomeness like breadcrumbs, post thumbnails, and theme layouts. It’s translatable like all other themes here. Plus, it uses WordPress design features like the custom header and background features.

Everyone, be sure to thank Sinisa for the awesome theme and for contributing back to the WordPress and Theme Hybrid communities. You can download and demo the theme from the Sukelius Magazine page.


  1. Thanks, Sin

    it’s always nice to see new themes here at ThemeHybrid.


    1. Thanks a lot both of you, I’m glad I’m part of this community! I learned a lot here, and I’m glad I can contribute!

  2. I really like the idea of flexible footer widgets. So easy and so cool. Good job!

    1. Yes, thanks, it was one of my favorite things to play around. There might be a better way to do this then I did, but it’s enough for now. This might be interesting feature suggestion for hybrid core when Justin runs out of ideas 🙂

  3. Hi!
    There’s a typo in post-stylesheets.php extension. The “post_styleheets_sanitize_meta” misses an “s” 🙂

    1. Thanks. I’ll get that corrected in the framework right away.

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