Subversion repository for Hybrid

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was have an online repository for the Hybrid theme. I’ve always kept one locally, but that’s not really useful for you all.

I won’t go into the details of how to use Subversion. I expect if this is of any interest to you, you’re already familiar with the process. However, if you’re just getting started with it, feel free to ask me any Subversion questions in the support forums. I’ll be happy to help.

The repository

You can check out the latest development version of the Hybrid theme with this command (note that the theme only works with WordPress trunk):

svn co .

Or, switch when version 0.8 is released:

svn switch

Version 0.8 Beta

For those of you that just want a zip file of the 0.8 beta version, I should be releasing it later this week for testing. For those of you with SSH access to your site, feel free to start tinkering with trunk.

Note that I’ll also be adding more themes and plugins to this repo in the future, so you’ll be able to upgrade everything on the fly.


  1. This is really exiting!

  2. I am glad to see this up and running…

  3. great … a good idea !

  4. moltar

    Finally we can submit official patches 🙂 Thanks!

  5. slobizman

    I’m interested in using Subversion to keep up with the latest releases, but don’t have a clue as where to begin. Can someone point me to tutorial please? Thanks.

  6. Perhaps a GitHub repo, I’m sure you have your reasons for doing SVN (I use SVN for day to day personal projects also), but use GitHub for open source projects I want to share, I think the biggest benefit is to visually see who is following the code, who is making commits/patches etc … fyi: I am a thesis theme user checking the out the grass over here 😉

  7. RC


    I have a quick question because I’m new to SVN, and just want to clarify something.

    You mention that hybrid only works with WordPress trunk. I think the svn trunk version of WordPress is the bleeding edge, while the stable, official release is under tags. So, trunk is: .

    …and stable release is:

    svn co .

    So if I have my version of WP under /tags/ svn, which hybrid repository should I be using.


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