Stargazer: Version 3.0.0

Look out, there’s a new and improved Stargazer theme ready to go!

This has been a pretty exciting update so far. I dove into some of the newer WordPress features and work them into the theme. I also reworked some existing issues and come up with better solutions. I think you’ll like the new updates.

Embed templates

Audio embed screenshot

The one thing I’m eager to see in use is the embed templating system on sites. WordPress 4.5 made it possible for theme authors to create custom templates.

If you don’t know what embeds are, WordPress allows any post from any WordPress site to be embedded into another WordPress site (or anywhere, really). So, basically, your posts can be embedded anywhere.

Stargazer has really stepped it up a notch. I wanted to offer something that pretty much no other public theme has at the moment, and that is detailed embed templates and designs for everything.

The above screenshot is what’s possible with your audio posts. The same can be done with any posts, but it’s really cool when you can run your own audio/video site and have that media embedded across the Web. Watch out, YouTube!

Mobile menus

Mobile menu screenshot

There have been a couple of pain points with mobile menus that many of you have been asking about. Reworking those without completely wrecking child themes has been my primary concern, but I think I found some nice middle ground.

The first issue has been with smaller mobile phone screens. The secondary menu was covering up the site title. Plus, the header image (if used) was taking up too much real estate. So, menus on smaller mobile devices have been revamped and the header image tucked away (see screenshot).

The second issue was with no “mobile menu” on landscape-mode tablets. This has also been fixed. The mobile menu should now appear when in landscape mode.

If you’ve built a custom child theme and have menu customizations, be sure to give it a test for any oddness. You may have one or two media queries to update. Other than that, it should work fine.

Other points of interest

There have been many changes to clean up old stuff and bring in some new features. Here’s a list of some of the more relevant changes.

  • Support for the WordPress custom logo feature was added.
  • Selective refresh of widgets are now supported.
  • German translation was added.
  • Feed icon is now supported in the social nav menu.

Check out the full change log if you want to see all the details.

Get version 3.0.0

You should start seeing the theme update in your WordPress admin within the next few hours, so you can update directly from your admin.

If you can’t wait that long or want to go the manual route, grab a copy from the theme page or the GitHub repo.


  1. Brilliant – thanks Justin. My own site is a child theme of Stargazer and I look forward to these changed trickling down in due course 🙂

    1. Great! Let me know how things go.

  2. Eric

    Great Work!

  3. Great!

  4. Riz

    Awesome, the widget feature looks great and cutting edge.

    Still no update though! Would be very helpful if you can add the extra required details to the Blog Posting markup. Currently Breadcrumb is not recognized, and the image and publisher fields are required.

    1. If there are updates needed, those should go into Hybrid Core and will get rolled back into Stargazer. Here’s the issue tracker for it.

  5. How do I move the menu button from the middle back to the left side where it used to be in the previous version? Also how do I re-enable the header image on mobile devices?

  6. Shawn

    Best wordpress theme I’ve seen, in my opinion. Smashing job, dude! Keep it up!

  7. The mobile menus look and work great, Justin. Thanks!

  8. Awesome,All child themes are very nice specially Material Gaze.

  9. Hey, I just started creating my first website with the upgraded version of the theme for a client. I must say it works well and I love the possibility to make custom templates.

    Great work. I’m sure my client will be very happy with the site once it is done.

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