1. Roy Chan

    I am using KELPER now…
    However, most of the visitors are from China, and, the theme use GOOGLE FONT, but it is slow to connect to Google or even not available to Google…
    How to deal with this problem? Use cache plugins? Or download the fonts file to my server?
    Wish for your reply, thank you! 🙂

  2. Roy Chan

    Bug report. The theme ALICE. When the arrow move to the site title, something wrong.

  3. Allie Darwish

    Wonderful, clean and simple. Thanks!

  4. dave

    Some time ago i downloaded structure Theme.That was very clean i was selected structure theme for my personal blog now i am going to download another theme “Kepler”

  5. George

    Is it possible to make the Top menu float or fixed one ?

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