Stargazer child themes: Round #1

After the initial release of the Stargazer theme yesterday, I wanted to show off some of the child themes that a few of the fine folks around here have made. Fifty people were granted access to the beta version of Stargazer to see if they could design a child theme. Several have been submitted thus far.

Today, I want to introduce to you all the first three of what I hope are many Stargazer child themes. I hope that these will be an inspiration to others as they continue to build child themes of their own.

After the long overview of the Stargazer parent theme, I’ll just keep this short and sweet while letting the themes speak for themselves.


Screenshot of the Alice WordPress theme

Alice is a nice and clean child theme created by Anand Kumar. You should check out its awesome header image effect.

Warm Memories

Screenshot of the Warm Memories WordPress theme

Warm Memories by Sami Keijonen is a warm and inviting theme that has a autumn look by default. Check out the alternate header image for more of a springtime feel.

Screenshot of the Dancing In The Moonlight WordPress theme

Dancing In The Moonlight is my own creation. I wanted to do a really fun Christmas theme and provide an example child theme for others to follow when making their own.

Have fun with child themes

You’ll have the same level of customization with the above child themes as you would when using the Stargazer parent theme. Don’t like the header image? No problem; add your own. Want to change the background? What about alter the colors? You can do those too.

You can use these child themes as they are out of the box or modify them to suit your own needs. Or, if you want to try your hand at making a custom child theme, use one of these as a jumping off point.

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  1. Beautiful! Great Round #1

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