Spartan WordPress Theme

Spartan WP theme demo

I gave you a small preview of the Spartan WordPress theme just over a week ago. Well, it’s finally here.

The Spartan theme is an exclusive-member child theme for the Options WordPress theme.

It has a sporty red, black, silver, and white look.


Aside from the new look, the theme comes packaged with an additional Authors page template. You can set this template for any page of your site, and it will list the profiles with avatars of each author that has a post.

The feed display is also a bit different, so the normal option in the theme settings page to display the feed links in the header has been disabled for a different style.

Download the theme

As mentioned, this is a child theme for exclusive members only. You can download it by joining the club for a minimal yearly fee.

You need the Options theme installed to use the Spartan theme. When you install, make sure you put it in the /wp-content/themes folder and not in the Options theme folder.


  1. Fantastic theme, thanks Justin…

  2. This looks really nice Justin! Excellent work 🙂

  3. Thanks to both of you. I have a few other ideas about some more child themes. The next child theme on the list will be for Visionary.

  4. Looks really cool. I especially like the little colourfade in the topnavigation.

  5. Thomas
    Thanks. When I officially get the Hybrid theme released (should be sometime this weekend), I’ll be able to do a lot more with design elements. Right now, everything’s been pretty basic.

  6. Justin,
    I like your new Spartan theme, however, I am not inclined to switch my current color scheme (options light). Does Options light have the same features as Spartan? Will it be getting them?
    I really like your Super lists in Spartan. Good work.

  7. spinfits
    Well, both themes are child themes of Options, so they have the same features in that regard. Spartan does come with the extra Authors page template though.

    Most child themes developed in the future will be for new parent themes though. Options has kind of ran its course. I’ll still release child themes for it occasionally though.

  8. wazicity

    hello Mr Justin ,
    I like your Spartan theme .
    how i download this theme .
    please help me !
    please download link !

    have a nice day !

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