1. Sami Keijonen

    It’s easy to imagine that you’ve fallen love for this one. It’s so beautiful and full of nice details.

  2. […] released the Socially Awkward theme over at Theme Hybrid today. It’s a responsive CSS3 and HTML5 media theme with some cool […]

  3. Patrick Daly

    Wow. Great looking theme. You’re always good at simple, but this is also so elegant.

    • Justin Tadlock

      It’s funny you should mention that I’m good at “simple”. That’s basically the foundation of everything I build. I ask, “How can I make this simpler?”

  4. maxheartless

    Great looking theme, Justin.
    Really slick-looking.

  5. Tung

    You make me want to design a child theme for this!

  6. maxwellss

    Hi there. Small admin problem re this theme. I’ve registered, logged in, can download other themes, but not this theme, which I’d really like to test-drive. Cleared cache and cookies, same problem. thanks.

  7. chrismccoy

    is this a free theme? or only to paid members?

  8. chrismccoy

    Ya I noticed the download link was club for free members logged in and logged out, but the repo link points to the download on github, so thats where I downloaded it.

  9. haluk karamete

    Justin, nice theme… congratulations.

    I was testing the demo page on http://locallylost.com/socially-awkward/2013/08/02/skinny-love/.

    Obviously, the navigation dropdown is having an issue there. It falls behind the youtube video. ( I’m using chrome. )

    Could this (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9074365/youtube-video-embedded-via-iframe-ignoring-z-index) help?

  10. haluk karamete


    I’ve saved the demo page on my desktop as “Webpage, Complete”. My goal was to test whether the trick I suggested would work or not.

    To my surprise, chrome saved the page by changing the exact area that I’m after, which is the area where you have the youtube iframe.

    I saw this;

    S0 I had to change the what you had which is this

    Then when I added the “wmode=transparent&” piece in there, I saw that it is working. The drop downs were showing properly.

    This is FYI.

    Here is the working piece;

  11. David Chandra

    i think this is the best theme listed here @ theme hybrid.

  12. Freetechpark

    Thank you for post. wanderful and good looking theme.

  13. Samuel Dellicour

    When I view the demo (Firefox on Linux), word breaks are not happening correctly.

    So I get something like this:
    (…) Milli
    ons upon millions of worlds.

    Istead of this:
    (…) Mil-
    ions upon millons of worlds.

    Notice the hyphen is missing, and the word breaks incorrectly.

    Removing *word-break:break all;* using Firebug while keeping word-wrap and -moz-hypen corrects this.

    Chrome doesn’t support word breaks at all, I think, so that’s not a problem.

  14. Mathias

    Beautiful Theme

  15. fuadalzubairi

    I could not add a distinct image …. Thanks

  16. Brooke

    I’m new to this, I can’t seem to figure out how to create menu’s for different categories of things I want to post on my blog..


  17. Brooke

    Is there any ay to make more than one coloumn with this theme? Can I remove recent posts from the homepage?


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