Slashing prices on developer’s licenses

With the announcement that I would be discontinuing the Options, Structure, and Visionary themes, I’ve had several people email me about purchasing developer’s licenses of each of the themes before I closed them down completely.

Though I hadn’t actually given it much thought before then, I decided to release a special deal to those looking to make the purchase.

Half price on the all-inclusive developer’s package

Normally, a developer’s license runs at $100 per theme. From today until January 31, 2009, the developer’s package (including all three themes) will be at $150.

This means that you will get credit removal codes for all three themes and can remove the links on an unlimited number of sites. You can also use the themes for an unlimited number of clients.

Purchase the all-inclusive developer's license

If you’d like to make the purchase, just click the purchase link or contact me. Of course, feel free to contact me if you have any questions as well. I will be happy to answer.

This deal will end on January 31, 2009, which will be when the themes are discontinued.


  1. does that mean i can purchase this developer liscence and use it on my client’s work with my link in footer…?? something link “child theme developed by Thinkjayant” etc.


  2. Yes, you could do that. You’re free to put whatever you want in the footer.

  3. Wow.. then this is great offer. i planning to purchase this once i finish some pending work on my sites, mostly by second week of jan.

    Please let me know about
    1. how much for options theme alone
    2. do you have similiar option for hybrid theme also. Also if you could put some light on the gpl funda and hybrid theme. all i know for now is i can produce child theme and can sell them as long as the footer link is maintain.

    Asking this because most clients ask for non footer link versions.

    1. With Hybrid, you are free to do whatever you want with it for no additional charge. Here’s the GPL site if you want to read up on it. The Hybrid theme has an option to remove the footer link within the theme settings page.

      Options, Structure, and Visionary all have developer’s licenses of $100 each, which is why the all-inclusive package here is so great. It’s only half the price for all three themes.

  4. ok. thanks for the calrifications.


  5. Ray

    Hi Justin,

    Does this license cover the child themes of the above as well?


  6. Ray — Yes, it covers the child themes of each theme too.

  7. I will definately be grabbing a license before the end of the month.
    great offer.


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