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Skeleton theme preview

One highly-requested child theme added by the Theme Hybrid community on the themes survey was a “skeleton” child theme for Hybrid, which is basically a child theme with no styling (a starter theme).

For those of you that requested it, here it is. This is a blank theme that’ll allow you to easily make child themes for the Hybrid theme framework.

This is all you’ll ever need to start creating child themes under the Hybrid theme framework. Combine your mastery of CSS with the Hybrid tutorials. You can even share your custom child themes in the community forum.

Some features of this child theme

Skeleton was built with designers in mind, but pretty much anyone with a little CSS knowledge can use this blank theme to work from.

  • The style.css file is in a hierarchical format, giving you a visual understanding of how things are presented.
  • Easy enough for budding theme designers to take and make their own.
  • Allows you to create client work much faster.
  • More time to focus on design instead of figuring out what every class and ID of the theme does.
  • You don’t need to rip apart one of Theme Hybrid’s child themes to make your own.

Get the Skeleton child theme

Note that you must have the Hybrid theme installed to use this. Also note that any child themes built with this theme and distributed to any other party must include the license.txt file included with the download and be released under the GPL.

As always, keep the praise and adoration in the comments and support questions in the support forums.


  1. Skeleton demo link is not working.

  2. gelay Jamtsho — Sorry about that. I updated it.

  3. David

    Thank you very much for this, this is going to be a great tool. Here is link for a full set of demo WordPress content that folks may find useful to import and help build and test their child themes – WP Candy sample post collection.

  4. intars

    very good, i have already dome some customizations for my magazine theme

  5. David — You’re welcome. I figured it get some of you started on creating child themes.

    intars — Be sure to link to your site when you finish your child theme to let everyone check it out.

  6. This will be incredibly helpful – I was just wrestling with the best approach! Thank you

  7. Thank you for making such a great resource available. This site with its forums and available Themes will be very helpful in my developing new layout designs.

    I’ve already started working with Hybrid and Skeleton. I have come across one small typo in the Skeleton styles.css file at the beginning in the *Body section that causes the Body tag to not be visible. (attempting to use code for first time)
    /* Contains everything* / should be /* Contains Everything */.

    Thanks Again!

  8. i hope people post their child themes. i suck at them and i love copying others.

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