Shellcreeper and the Shell theme

David Chandra is now our 7th member to submit a WordPress theme to the Theme Hybrid community. This also marks the 8th theme submitted from the community.

There’s also some more great themes coming this way soon from other community members, but for now, let’s take a look at David’s work.

Screenshot of

When he isn’t helping around the Theme Hybrid forums, David has been doing some awesome plugin and theme work at Shellcreeper. Keep an eye out on his site for an upcoming plugin he’s been building for all themes built off Hybrid Core.

If you’re interested, he has a commercial theme built off Hybrid Core called Genbu.

You can also follow David @turtlepod on Twitter.

Shell Theme

Screenshot of the Shell WordPress theme

Shell isn’t exactly a brand new theme. But, it’s a brand new take on an old theme. Shell is a responsive version of the Prototype theme.

I know many of you have been asking me to build a responsive base theme, but since several community members have been working on it, I decided to see what they’d come up with.

Shell is a great starting point for building a responsive child theme. The work is already done for you. You can use the theme as-is or create your own styles within a custom child theme. As with most themes here, it supports many of the awesome features of the Hybrid Core framework.

Everyone, please welcome David to the rank of Theme Author and congratulate him on his work. Then, be sure to download and give his Shell theme a try.


  1. Good job David! So many have requested this and I’m sure many finds this very useful.

  2. Thank you Justin and Sami.

    I’m so happy. this is something to celebrate. ::beer::

  3. Great job, David. And thanks 🙂

  4. Congrats David, good job!

  5. A dream come true 😉 A big thanks!!!

  6. nice theme David – thanks

  7. thank you all 🙂

    i hope this theme can be usefull for all.

  8. Kirby

    Very nicely done!

  9. Ray

    Thanks David gonna use this on a brand new site – sweet.

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