Series: Version 2.0.0

Series WordPress plugin banner

For my 7th plugin update in the last 7 days, I thought I’d pick some low-hanging fruit and clean up my old Series plugin. Little did I know what a mess I was getting myself into on a Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, I had little else to do today.

I ended up completely overhauling the Series plugin. I rewrote large swathes of code, introduced new features, and brought the plugin up to date with my coding in newer plugins.

If you’re unfamiliar with Series, it was my first foray into custom taxonomies. What started as a popular tutorial turned into my first plugin to test the taxonomy concept. Series allows you to put posts in a series. Well, that’s basically it. You can do interesting things like list them and so on using widgets or shortcodes.

What’s different in 2.0?

Like I mentioned, I completely overhauled the plugin code. This version is like a brand new plugin in many ways. Primarily, I’ve set the plugin up to be able to extend it more easily in the future. I have some additional features in mind that I’d like to see added to the plugin.

I won’t get into all the technical details and just focus on the user-facing features.

New settings page:

I added a settings page for the plugin, which allows you to change a few of the plugin settings:

  • Posts Per Page: Control the number of posts on series archives.
  • Sort By: Control how posts are sorted on archives.
  • Order: Control what order (ascending, descending) posts are shown on archives.
  • Series Rewrite Slug: Change the slug used for series archive pages.

New shortcodes:

I introduced a couple of new shortcodes for listing posts in a series:

  • [series_list_posts series="example"] – Lists posts in any given series.
  • [series_list_related] – Outputs a list of posts in the current post’s series.

Download the latest version

You should see an update soon in your WordPress admin if you’re currently using the plugin. If not, you can search for series via the Add New Plugin screen in your admin to download and install the plugin.

You can also snag a copy directly from its page or GitHub repository if you prefer.

If you like this plugin, please consider joining the club. Or, if you’re just in a generous mood, help feed my movie/TV addiction via my Amazon wish list. 🙂