Seamless WordPress Theme

We’re on a roll now. Theme Hybrid now has 10 contributing theme authors (well, 11 if you include me). This is a pretty exciting day. It’s nice to see so much involvement coming out of the community and the continued spreading of the Hybrid Core framework for use as a serious development tool for WordPress theme authors.

Today, I’m happy to announce James Geiger’s new theme, Seamless.

James runs the Web site called Seamless Themes (currently in development). Soon, it will be a new commercial WordPress theme site. So, you’ll get to see even more themes launched off the Hybrid platform. You can follow James @SeamlessThemes on Twitter.

Seamless Theme

Screenshot of the Seamless WordPress theme

While Seamless can be installed just like any other WordPress theme, it was actually created as a development tool for making mobile-first, responsive WordPress themes. What this means is that you can take it, add some nice colors and images, and mold the theme into something even more beautiful. Or, if you’re into simple, minimalist design, simply take the theme and install it as is.

Seamless is also written in SCSS to help speed up development, so it can be extended with SASS and Compass. However, you can go the normal CSS route if you want and not worry about SCSS.

Seamless uses most of the Hybrid Core features, so it’s a good starting point in seeing how to make a responsive theme for Hybrid Core.

You can check out the demo, see all the theme features, and download the theme from the Seamless theme page.

Everyone, welcome James to our growing community of theme authors here and congratulate him on a job well done with Seamless.


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  2. It’s a really nice theme. Thanks for sharing it!

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