1. wiselywoven


  2. Thiago Senna

    Amazing Theme! I loved it.. Theme Hybrid Community Rocks! Thanks very much Marga Satrya!

  3. steupz

    Fantastic theme

  4. Satrya

    Thanks a lot Justin & All 🙂

  5. paul_wp

    very nice, congrats!

  6. David Chandra

    Amazing, so simple and elegant.
    Thank you.

  7. หางาน

    This is the best theme for me, I like responsive design.

  8. Park2Peak

    Simple and Classic theme well done!

  9. Rudd

    Looking great. Even the upcoming twenty thirteen theme is also a single column theme.

    In my language, Satu means One 🙂 Eh, no wonder. The author is an Indonesian/

  10. Sebastian

    i love it, but, how do i post audio? it just shows the title in the home page, you have to go to permalink to hear the song.

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