Satu WordPress Theme

What’s this? Themes on back-to-back days? You got that right.

Marga Satrya has the honor of releasing our 10th community-built theme on Theme Hybrid. It’s a beauty too.


Screenshot of the Satu WordPress theme

Satu is built with HTML5 and is responsive, so it’ll look good on any device. It’s an elegant one-column theme that really shines when it comes to post formats. It works well as a personal blogging theme, but it would make a great photoblogging theme as well.

Just because it’s one column doesn’t mean it doesn’t support widgets. The theme has a nicely-designed section in the footer to house your widgets.

I’m a big fan of one-column themes, at least when they’re done right. Satu is done right. The great thing about one-column themes is that they show off what’s truly important about a Web site — the content. Get rid of the junk and focus on what matters.

You can download the theme and view a live demo from the Satu theme page.

Everyone should congratulate Satrya on a job well done with this theme and welcome him to the rank of theme author on this site. Also, you can follow him on Twitter at @msattt.


  1. Excellent!

  2. Amazing Theme! I loved it.. Theme Hybrid Community Rocks! Thanks very much Marga Satrya!

  3. Fantastic theme

  4. Thanks a lot Justin & All 🙂

  5. very nice, congrats!

  6. Amazing, so simple and elegant.
    Thank you.

  7. This is the best theme for me, I like responsive design.

  8. Simple and Classic theme well done!

  9. Looking great. Even the upcoming twenty thirteen theme is also a single column theme.

    In my language, Satu means One 🙂 Eh, no wonder. The author is an Indonesian/

  10. Sebastian

    i love it, but, how do i post audio? it just shows the title in the home page, you have to go to permalink to hear the song.

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