1. Sami Keijonen

    Once again master have done it. It’s also super easy to build child themes for Saga.

  2. Harish Chouhan

    This theme feels so polished from design down to the code itself. This and your last theme are just perfect examples Justin of how WordPress themes should be made.

    • Justin Tadlock

      Thanks. I’m starting to get a good feel for creating themes this way now. With any luck, I’ll have another theme out in the next couple of months that builds upon these same principles. The PSD design is already finished. I just got to get to work on building the theme.

  3. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    Simple theme with great typography Justin. Been long enough not visiting ThemeHybrid and looks like this community getting bigger a lot. Good job.

  4. Erik Joling

    I want to start writing a blog but I just couldn’t find the right theme to start with. With this awesome theme I can’t use that excuse anymore… And I really dig the name!

    You might see a child theme from me in the near future!

  5. bee

    I just wanted to say I really like this theme, nice job 🙂

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  9. Jean

    Adding my voice to thank you for this awesome theme. I wanted to “modernize” my blog with a new theme and found very few options taking such great care of my words, and just that. It gets back to the essence of writing & reading, and I love the attention you brought to the various post formats to make the most of our words, in any context.
    A demonstration that great web design may be achieved without photography skills, awesome visuals and a sleek image slider on the front page! There’s now a theme for writers to make a stand with just words.

    With that being said, it is somewhat frustrating that the “gallery” post format doesn’t seem compatible with the Jetpack functions and the WP short codes for tiled galleries and slideshows… I guess one can’t have it all 😉

    Thanks again for making these great themes accessible to casual bloggers like me!

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