1. Kalen Johnson

    I’m interested in working on a child theme. I do theme develpoment / WordPress sites for work and fun, but I’m always interested in seeing how others develop, especially in ways that I don’t normally work (as I generally work with a custom design and build it specifically for one client).

    I also have a friend who is an aspiring writer, I’m thinking he would like a WordPress theme built for him šŸ™‚

  2. Thiago Senna

    I’m definitely in. I already had a lot of good times playing with stargazer, so I’d love to play and create a nice child theme for Saga.

  3. Christina Warren

    Love to build a child theme around this! Thanks!

  4. Sami Keijonen

    Can I apply also.

  5. Simon Kraft

    Awesome Theme.
    Can’t wait to build a Child Theme around it.

    Iā€™m definitely in!

  6. Sarah Gooding

    Count me in!

  7. Kris Hocker

    I’d love to try creating a child theme for Saga. I was just working on one for Stargazer that’s quite similar. Starting with Saga would make it much simpler!

  8. Claudiu

    Hey Justin, sign me up.

    Was just looking into the Unique theme you did a couple of years back, it got me curious about your Hybrid Core framework.

    This looks like a good opportunity to play with it šŸ™‚

    • Justin Tadlock

      Well, you don’t really even need to know anything about Hybrid Core as far as this project is concerned. But, you can always take a look at it.

      You should’ve gotten an email last night.

  9. Hayley

    I’d like to try my hand at a child theme for this please if you’re still taking people.

  10. Nospheratt

    Oh my God I’m dying here. Writing and Theme Hybrid are two of the biggest passions in my life. These two things together? Dying, I tell you!

    I applied last year to make a Christmas child theme but didn’t finish it in time… (after Christmas it seemed a little pointless). It will be ready for next December, I promise!

    Anyway. I really, really, REALLY want in on this one. Please? šŸ™‚

    It will be hard to come up with something as beautiful as Saga, though. I downloaded the zip and I think it’s the most beautiful theme you’ve ever made. LOVE it!

  11. pattyayers

    Looks like this is the place to ask officially (mentioned on the Forum already) — can I get in on this?

    Thanks in advance!
    Patty Ayers

  12. Eric Hansel

    I love to give it a try. I’ve worked a lot with Thematic child themes but have kind of given up on it as a parent theme. I’ve been meaning to get more involved with Theme hybrid but havnt had the time. I’m finally caught up on freelance work and would love to give this a go.

  13. Peter Harris

    Looking forward to creating a theme and submitting it to your site!

    • Peter

      Having a blast customizing this theme… just running into one main issue. Can’t find out how you have a large image in your screenshot. Is that something you did outside of the main theme, like with custom css? I tried using a Featured Image but that didn’t work and your design shows something quite different than the default header option. Or maybe we’re supposed to add our own code for featured images within the functions file? Not a big deal… just curious…

      • Justin Tadlock

        The featured image must be at least 1100px by 500px. Otherwise, it won’t be displayed. This is noted in the Saga theme readme file.

        As for the header, Saga doesn’t display a header image by default. However, it supports that feature.

      • Peter

        Thanks for the tip about the featured image. (Hadn’t thought of checking the readme in the main release files.)

        Came across a bug today. Using the WP theme Customizer I selected what I thought was a blank icon at the top of the Font Awesome drop down. It seems to have crashed both the editor and the site itself:


        Any suggestions?

  14. Alexandre

    Hi Justin,

    Nice theme ! I would like to join.

  15. sachingopalakrishnan

    This couldn’t come at a better time as i was thinking about building a writers theme myself. Would love to build something based on this …

  16. Erik Joling

    Hi Justin, could you send me the details for developing a child theme for Saga?

  17. Niall Madhoo

    Hi Justin, I normally code sites with Genesis Framework but I’d like to try something different and less-cliched. I’m definitely interested!

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