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  1. […] Tadlock has published a tutorial that explains how to create, use, import, and export reusable block templates in […]

  2. […] Justin Tadlock wrote a tutorial on how to create reusable “templates” in the WordPress block editor with the reusable block…. […]

  3. Marcus Tibesar
    · Reply

    Thank you Justin for the great tutorial! The key is to not forget to immediately convert the reusable template after inserting it into your new page lest you mistakenly alter your “master” reusable template.

    • Justin Tadlock
      · Reply

      I’d have to go back and check, but I don’t believe you can edit the reusable template when inserting it into your post. You’d have to convert it to make changes.

  4. Marcus Tibesar
    · Reply

    I tested this, and you are right Justin! In earlier versions of Gutenberg, the Reusable block was not “locked” until you converted it to a regular block. The GB development team shines again!

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