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  2. wiselywoven


  3. Hassan

    The plugin indeed sounds exciting! I really love the no-settings-page approach. Is there a similar solution for comment forms? Comment forms are more popular in WP sites! 🙂

    • Justin Tadlock

      A similar solution to this one for comments is ZigTrap. It works well, but since there’s so much comment spam, I recommend that in addition to at least another plugin like Akismet. My current favorite comment spam plugin though is Cookies for Comments, which I’ve written about.

  4. […] the past week, I’ve pushed out two new plugins (Registration Honeypot and Entry Views) and a theme (Twiggy) on Theme Hybrid. Go check ‘em […]

  5. Ray

    I see a potential problem in hardcoding the input field name. The field name should ideally be randomized because bots could be instructed to not fill in your this field.

    This is more likely to happen now that this plugin is out in the wild and not strictly for use on Theme Hybrid.

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