Prototype WordPress theme: Version 0.1

Prototype WordPress theme

Just a few days ago, the Hybrid Core theme framework was released for use by the public. I wanted to release a new theme quickly after releasing the framework to serve as a great example of how to use the framework’s features. Thus, the Prototype theme was born.

Prototype is a new parent theme that takes advantage of nearly all of the Hybrid Core framework features. It comes packaged with multiple nav menus, several widget areas, and per-post layouts, allowing anyone from designers to users to quickly creates beautiful sites.

A parent theme? Not a child theme?

That’s right. This thing isn’t a child theme of one of the other available themes on the site. It’s a full-blown parent theme itself.

This is a new direction you’ll see from Theme Hybrid. Rather than releasing many complex child themes that are impossible to update, new themes will be parent themes. What this means is that you can make modifications to the themes with your own child theme. The goal has always been upgradibility, and that’s what I’d like to aim for with all themes.

Does this mean there’ll be no more child themes? No, there’ll still be child theme releases that are used in a way that child themes were intended to be used. You just won’t see things like me trying to make a news or portfolio child theme based on a blog parent theme. I’ll get into more details on this in a later post.

What are the features of Prototype?

Prototype is a blogging theme with plenty of cool features for the average blogger. I wanted to keep it extremely simple to use.

  • Per-post/page layouts (one-column, two-column, and three-column layouts).
  • Art direction (the ability to upload custom, per-post stylesheets).
  • Three nav menus (before header, after header, and footer).
  • Several sidebars (you can add widgets all over the place).
  • Custom background (uses the WordPress feature for this).
  • Built-in pagination (no need for a plugin to handle page numbers).
  • Breadcrumbs, thumbnails, and much more!

Download the theme

This theme is completely free and open source. It’s licensed under the GPL version 2 (license in the download).

As usual, please ask any support questions in the support forums. I hope you enjoy this new theme. Please give it a good rating if you like it.


  1. Demo is good. will try the theme in local host.

  2. Bence

    Wonderful theme! And at last you don’t use XHTML syntax with the wrong MIME type (text/html), but you use HTML5 with the correct MIME type.

  3. cool! I might give the framework a try by integrating the HTML5 boilerplate. I used it with Ian stewart’s toolbox theme on my site redesign :, but I’m mising all the Hybrid goodness!

    1. Cool design. Let me know if you make use of Prototype.

      1. In reply to Justin Tadlock

        thanks Justin! I am working on a theme now. It will be targeted at a specific niche and I’m currently reseraching their specific needs and requested features. Might take a long time though 🙁

    2. Oneprcnt

      Nice design. Curious about the @fontaface stuff on your site. It seems to glitch a little as the page loads (displays the default fonts, applies the replacements, and then does it all over again). I’d like to use that property on a few things myself, but can I expect the same thing to happen?

      1. In reply to Oneprcnt

        Oneprent, yes that ‘s the flash of unstyled content. I now have optimised the caching and I’m using the service, so I hope it will be minimal.

  4. Thanks for this beauty. Great job. Will try it.

  5. Bence


    there is a problem with breadcrumbs. It doesn’t display the category hierarchy.

    For example, the post titled “foobar” is in three categories: foo, bar, and lorem. And this is the category hierarchy:

    foo > bar > lorem

    But the breadcrumb displays only this:

    Home / foobar

    By definition, the breadcrumb should display the category hierarchy, too:

    Home / foo / bar / lorem / foobar

    The WordPress breadcrumb plugin can do this, but it would be better if the theme could handle this by default.

    1. The included breadcrumb menu works as intended. It is highly customizable if you want to do something different with it.

      1. Bence In reply to Justin Tadlock

        How do I customize the breadcrumb? I would like to display the category hierarchy in the breadcrumb.

  6. Dali


    I want to use the translation ready feature to display messajes in french.

    I have created a prototype-fr_FR.po file with translations but they are not displayed…
    Could you help me?

    Thanks a lot for this nice and rich theme!

    1. numero7

      Hello I have the same problem. I’ve put the french translation in the langage folder and nothing change… could you help ?

      thank you for this theme and your work 🙂

    2. Joey

      Just reminding my brethren. I think we are supposed to ask these kind of questions in the support forum and not here.

  7. charybdis

    I cannot post to the community forum. It says I must become a premium member. Please fix it.

    I think the breadcrumb cannot handle the category hierarchy.

    For example, the post titled “foobar” is in three categories: foo, bar, and lorem. And this is the category hierarchy:

    foo > bar > lorem

    The plugin should display this breadcrumb:

    Home / foo / bar / lorem / foobar

    But it displays this:

    Home / foo, bar, lorem / foobar

    How could I fix this? This output is not a breadcrumb.

  8. Hi Justine,

    I can modify the Prototype theme for my clients?

    Patrick from the Philippines

  9. Justin,

    Your theme is great. I enjoyed it very much. I spent hours and hours changing the look and feel to something unique to our church. This included altering the CSS is many places. Unfortunately, after the upgrade to prototype 0.1.1, I lost all of that. If I had only known I would have saved that CSS file or copied the site somehow. Other people like me, new to the wordpress world, will probably encounter this issue as well. Perhaps backing up the old files before copying over them? If this was done then I apologize, now how do I get to them?

    1. Sorry to hear that Scott.

      The standard way to change the css on a WordPress theme is to create a child theme (in part because of the overwrite issue you found). Here is a link to the documentation:

      Quick Summary: You make changes to the css in a separate file and link the original stylesheet and template. That will save you from this hassle in the future. Child themes are the preferred way of editing themes (i.e., not just Prototype).

  10. Prototype is great for end user like me. It has plenty option for a wp theme. Hmm.. I can’t wait for other child theme from prototype. Good job justin

  11. Simon Clarke

    Hi – I tried to activate Prototype on a test site and I got this error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_theme_support() in /home1/freelas5/public_html/woothemes/wp-content/themes/prototype/library/extensions/theme-layouts.php on line 46

    Not sure if this is a problem with my WordPress install (though it seems to be fine otherwise), or if there’s a problem with Prototype.

    Not looking for support (it was just a test) – but might be useful for you to know…

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