1. deadhippo

    This is great news and I am delighted with the new version of Hybrid. Plain is a much better framework. Thanks.

  2. Japani

    Justin, all of this things sounds great, and I can’t wait to test the new theme.

  3. Real exited, running both beta versions of Hybrid and WordPress.
    And after spending the weekend in San Francisco at WordCamp, I am even more eager.

    1. Hi Thomas, it still shows 92%, 3 days late to me. The number of active tickets is also rising…although I’m sure it will be soon now…

  4. Yeah, looking forward to this release.
    Thanks for all your work Justin.

  5. Dhaval Jani

    Looks Great… I am looking forward to this try this one…

  6. Looking forward to 0.6 for many reasons! But especially the new default styling and the layout stylesheets and the separation of pingbacks/trackbacks.

  7. I’m still putting the final touches on the theme, everyone. It should be available for download sometime this weekend.

      1. sergio ForΓ©s

        Ups! It’s true… sorry for my mistake with the version. I discovered hybrid two days ago and i need more coffe. πŸ˜‰ Good job Justin.

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