Paul On WordPress and the Spine Theme

Paul de Wouters is our 8th community member to release a WordPress theme here. This also marks the 9th community-contributed theme to Theme Hybrid. We have an awesome community, right?

Screenshot of

Paul On WordPress is Paul’s WordPress-focused site. He blogs about general Web development and cool WordPress stuff. He’s available for hire for your custom WordPress projects.

You can also follow Paul on Twitter at @paul_wp.


Screenshot of the Spine WordPress theme

Spine is a responsive WordPress theme built off the Foundation front-end framework. Of course, it’s also built off Hybrid Core and supports most of its features like all themes here. It even includes a custom color picker on top of that.

As you can see, Paul is even using this theme on his own Web site. I love it when theme authors do that.

If you’re interested in a beautiful theme with some custom color variations, you should check out Spine. Also, be sure to thank Paul for his awesome work and for giving back to the Theme Hybrid and WordPress communities.


  1. Thanks for allowing me to feature my first theme here on Theme Hybrid Justin, and for your kind words. I feel humbled and privileged.

    I wouldn’t be where I am now without your awesome support here on the forums and your plugins and themes.

    I look forward to any feedback, positive or negative, and hope to release more themes here in the future!

  2. Great work, Paul. The theme looks very nice. I’m going to have to see how you did that top navigation : )

  3. Nice theme. Do you use SASS with Foundation to style it?

  4. Thanks Paul!

  5. Great job Paul.
    and thank you 🙂
    Foundation framework is new to me. and i learn a lot just from this theme.

  6. Foundation framework is new to me. and i learn a lot just from this theme.

  7. Hi, hoping you can help me, on the nav menu the selected page is blue. Is there any way to change that? The site I’m working on is

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