1. Frank Steiner

    Sami’s theme, Path, is stunning. I love clean and simple themes. Keep up the good work Sami.

    I have no idea why you don’t sell those themes at Theme Forest. Hybrid based themes are way better than most of the best-sellers at Theme Forest. I am pretty sure you are making enough money through your support system. But I believe you can make more money by charging for themes.

  2. Sami Keijonen

    Thank you Frank, your words are more than kind. Let me clarify that I don’t have a support system, and I don’t even make a living out of WordPress or web development. I’m a full time teacher. But I do build themes and sites for companies, communities, and individuals using WordPress in my spare time. Maybe someday I’ll be full time WordPress geek.

    I have no idea why you don’t sell those themes at Theme Forest.

    I have learnt most of the WordPress theme development from Justin and themehybrid community. This is my way to say thank you when there really are no words to describe my gratitude. For now this is more like learning by doing and teaching process.

    But this is not all just charity. Like Galin said having a theme here is like a stamp of quality approval and your work gets some extra exposure. I have plans to start selling themes but in that case it will be my own site using plugin like Easy Digital Downloads. Will see if that happens in couple of years. And even if I start selling my themes some day, I think every third or so would be free. I only have name for that theme shop:

    No, not another WordPress theme shop.

  3. wiselywoven

    I am really, really excited to see this theme. It’s Hybrid core, it’s responsive, it has a great homepage with a slider, and it’s a magazine with so many more features. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Kudos Sami!!!

  4. Glen Pridgen

    Kudos Sami!!!! Got to find a project to use this on ASAP!

  5. steupz

    For the first time I am seriously considering moving away from my OPTIONS theme because of this theme.
    I really hope I get the motivation to do it this time

  6. […] have each released a $free theme built from my Hybrid Core framework over the past month: Cakifo, Path, and Uridimmu. Posted in WordPress Tagged WordPress, WordPress […]

  7. James

    Love the theme, thanks so much Sami. I have extended it a bit using a child theme and am using it on my site. If you end up making any changes in the future, would it be possible to change your functions so that they can be pluggable in a child theme? I would love to be able to control the behavior of visibility of sticky posts on the home screen a bit.

    Regardless, awesome theme; nice work.

    • Justin Tadlock

      I’m not a fan of pluggable (i.e., overwrite-able) functions. It’s dangerous territory and something I’d probably not allow in themes here without a good reason. WordPress has a hook system, which is what I recommend using. Path already does a good job of this, essentially making anything easy to overwrite.

  8. Sami Keijonen

    Thanks James!

    I’m not sure what you mean by pluggable functions. You can definitely overwrite Slider behaviour and/or CSS in child theme.

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