Options theme release: Version 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1 of the Options WordPress theme

I know many of you have been waiting for the next installment of Options because WordPress 2.7 is rapidly approaching and you’d like to try out some of the new features.

I had originally planned to roll out a revamped version 1.4, but I’m thinking that’s going to take a month or so of testing and code tweaking.

Instead, I put together a minor release — version 1.3.1 — that’ll let you take advantage of threaded comments. Each of the child theme’s style.css files have had some minor tweaks to the comments section to style these.

The future of Options

There might be a little concern that Options won’t get as much attention as my Hybrid theme. This is true and not true.

Version 1.4, when it’s released, will probably be the last major overhaul of the theme. I’ll still keep the theme updated with bug fixes and adding the ability to handle new WordPress features, but there won’t be any more feature sets added to the theme afterward.

Options will be at a point where it’s fairly stable and won’t need too many changes. Also, for those of you on the cutting edge, I’ll be releasing Version 1.4 Alpha for testing in the next few days.

What you need to know

This release as well as all newer versions are for WordPress 2.7+ only. To upgrade, simply delete your previous options folder and replace it with the new one.

The Blue Danube, Options Light, and Shadow child themes are packaged with this release as before, so your directory structure should look like this:


You can find new versions of all the child themes on their individual theme pages.


  1. Cool, Justin – though it looks like this zip is just options without the child themes.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I must’ve forgotten to upload that particular zip file. Anyway, the three main child themes are packaged with it now. You might have to clear your browser’s download history to get the right package though.

  3. Looks good.

    Is it me, or has the comment section become extremely big (example).

  4. Justin, also looks like your demos are still running the 1.3 versions and older child stylesheets

  5. Thomas
    The link you gave gives an “Error establishing a database connection” message.

    Yes, they’re still on version 1.3.

  6. Grrr I know, but my host is down at the moment, they say that it’s a matter of minutes now 🙁

  7. It’s probably because of your stylesheet. Are you using the new version of Spartan? There were some changes in WP 2.7 and some things had to be moved around there. Take a look at the new comments section in Spartan’s style.css.

  8. Ahh my bad I hadn’t updated the spartan theme. If you want, you can delete my forum-like comments 😉

  9. Can Opt131 be installed on WP263 as wp27 isn’t out yet?

  10. Reinar Svendsen
    Options 1.3.1 will break horribly on WordPress 2.6. It’s a WP 2.7-only release.

    You don’t have to be in a rush to use it. There are a few people already on 2.7 or testing it, so I updated it to work with threaded comments. There aren’t any other new features, bug fixes, or anything.

  11. Cool. I’ll wait for P27 and then put on OPT14.

  12. Tuur

    So I first need to update to WordPress 2.7 and then copy the new Options theme? Only the options directory or also the shadow theme directory (that’s what i’m using at the moment)? Thanks! 🙂

  13. Yes, you first need to upgrade to 2.7. Then, you only need to copy the options folder over.

    You don’t have to use the updated Shadow child theme, but you at least need to copy over the new CSS for the comments section.

  14. simba22

    ok so i followed the instructions as stated but if you go to my website all is see is words and no graphics. it could be me, i don’t know can anybody help?

    and feel free to e-mail me Email removed by admin.

  15. Please use the support forums to ask support questions.

  16. Download does not exist…

  17. Ah, now I see… perhaps a note here is in order? Stating that you are not going to do a revamped version 1.4, and that Options is no longer available for download?

    Reason being… some of us are so swamped we don’t have the pleasure of being a daily or even monthly or six monthly part of this wonderful community.

    Mores the pity…

  18. Stu

    Will this work with WordPress 2.7.1?

  19. Stu, I just updated mine to 2.7.1 without any problems at all.

    I had an earlier version but I’m not sure it matters?

  20. kukuruyuk

    I’m free member and I can not download this theme, and other theme is broken link. “Download does not exist!” say. So, this is premium theme? And paying something? Thanks

  21. This theme is no longer available for download.

    1. Gudowski

      yeah 🙁 i looking for that one too

  22. Nightmare

    Deleted for being an inappropriate comment for this site.

  23. Deleted download link :S

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