1. Bryan Hoffman

    Congrats Justin.

    It feels good when something like this pushed live, eh?

    • Justin Tadlock

      Definitely. It’s been a long time coming.

      This is probably the least nervous I’ve ever been about such a major code change. A big part of that is because I feel confident that I can fix any issues that arise. EDD has great inline code documentation.

      I also pushed 5 plugins that all talk to each other live at once without a single fatal error. I think that’s a first. 🙂

  2. Sami Keijonen

    This is great demonstration what you can do with EDD. And I’m pretty excited what kind of digital products you will have in the future.

  3. porkopolis

    This is a great testament to your skill and dedication, Justin! As a DIY user, just designing for my personal use, I forget how many other wonders you achieve beyond solving my silly problems. Root on, my friend, root on!

  4. Marcus Tibesar

    Great Justin!

    I hope to be able to view my membership data (expiration; membership type; etc) soon.

  5. Jeremy

    Hey Justin, I appreciate a recommendation like this from someone who has actually used the plugins suggested. I have been burned more than once by a recommended premium plugin that was completely worthless.

    I, for one am looking forward to your guide on building a membership site with these tools. Any idea on when you might have the time to create such a guide?

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