Mythic version 1.0.1

After a month of feedback and reports from the 1.0.0 release of the Mythic starter theme, it’s time for some fixes. This is just a quick post to cover the changes in the version 1.0.1 patch release.

You can view the full changelog online

Additions and changes

Node packages were run through an update. I won’t cover those specifically. If there’s anything you want to dig into, you’ll want to look at those respective projects. If you’re already developing a theme with Mythic, you’ll want to routinely update these via the npm update command to make sure you’re running the latest code.

We added default styles for the core .wp-smiley and .emoji classes. This is primarily because every theme needs to cover these to make sure you don’t have giant emoji images or smiley images with borders and such.

Bug fixes

In the webpack.mix.export.js file for the theme export process, we added a check for the existence of a file prior to copy/export. This is just a small thing to make the code a bit smarter.

The .alignleft and .alignright styles had their left/right margins backwards in resources/scss/utilities/_alignment.scss. If you’re already working on a theme, you’ll want to switch those. I’m sure you’d catch that in the testing phase anyway.

We also removed some redundant alignment styles from resources/scss/blocks.

The other issues were minor things like an inline comment typo and a missing ) in resources/scss/utilities/_alignment.scss.

Hybrid Breadcrumbs

I also updated the Hybrid Breadcrumbs add-on to 1.0.1 with a few bug fixes.

If you’re using this project, you’ll definitely want to update via the composer update command. There are a couple OMGBBQ issues, depending on how your users’ permalinks are setup, that you may not notice in development.