Members version 2.0

For the big 2.0 release of Members, I wanted to implement every single feature request ever made. Just get them all done and make every user extremely happy.

That’s a lofty goal, but it’s not exactly practical and doesn’t work in the real world with a highly-complex plugin like Members.

But, I did attempt to knock out every issue and feature request that I could for this release. We’re now down to only 11 open tickets, which is nice. Plus, I laid the groundwork for tackling some of those tickets in the future.

Donations welcome

I just want to momentarily interrupt the announcement post for donations requests. I make very little money directly from Members (though I do have plans for some monetization). This is a project that’s dear to me, but it takes massive amounts of time to maintain. I spent a good 100+ hours specifically on the 2.0 release.

If you use the plugin, please consider making at least a small donation if at all possible.

PayPal and Amazon Wish List donations are both highly appreciated.

What’s new in 2.0?

There’s a long list of items, but I’m going to focus primarily on the user-facing features. Feel free to read over the full change log if you like.

New settings screen:

Members add-ons screenshot

There’s a new settings screen with two “views”. The primary, “General” view is the regular ol’ settings screen that you’re used to seeing.

The second view is brand new. It’s called “Add-Ons” and displays a list of add-on plugins for Members. At the moment, there are only two add-ons, but more are planned for the future. This is an area where I hope to eventually offer paid upgrades (free ones too). There’s also an API for third-party developers to insert their own add-ons on this screen.

Human-readable capability names:

Members edit role capabilities screenshot

Capabilities now appear in human-readable form if this option is enabled. I struggled with how to best do this for a long time, but I like the new system in 2.0.

There’s now a capability registration system built into Members. This allows plugins to register their custom caps. Members, of course, handles all of the core WordPress caps.

The reason we need to register them is so that the capability “labels” can be internationalized. This will allow users to understand what capabilities mean in their own language. edit_posts, for example, doesn’t make a lot of sense if you can’t read English.

If you’re a plugin developer who’s adding custom caps, please consider integrating with Members. How to do this is documented in the file.

New UI for Content Permissions:

Members content permissions interface screenshot

The content permissions component got a much-needed UI overhaul. The interface is now tabbed so that it doesn’t take up so much screen space.

Another long-awaited feature is the use of the WP editor for editing the post error message.

Bulk add/remove user roles:

Members bulk add/remove users screenshot

On the manage users screen (when multiple roles are enabled), you can bulk add or remove roles from users.

Previously, this was handled by core WordPress. However, WordPress only allowed you to change a user’s role completely. This meant that it would wipe out multiple roles and replace with a single role. This feature corrects that issue.

Other notable features:

  • You can now add multiple roles when creating a new user from the Add User screen.
  • The members_access shortcode now allows you to negate capabilities by setting the operator parameter to !.
  • There’s a new setting to authenticate users accessing the REST API endpoints. This is primarily important for users who have “private site” enabled and don’t want to expose their content through the REST API.

Download version 2.0

If you already have Members installed, you should get an update notice in your WP admin in the near future. Otherwise, you can grab a copy from any of these places:



  1. Kel

    Hah! This thing only gets better and better. Thank you.
    (shh.. if you could hear that one thing inside my head, it’s a “reset” role to defaults function – but it’s a good thing you’re not in my head and you can only hear the praise for an awesome 2.0 release!)

    1. I think I’ve finally figured out the “how” of doing the role reset in a way that makes sense and is not super destructive. I mulled over various ideas for a long time.

      Now, it’ll just be a matter of making it happen. It’d probably be a good feature candidate for a 2.1.0 release.

  2. Great update. I’ve been an user of this plugin for years and continue to recommend it to others. Thanks for the great work!

  3. Someone WantedToSendAGift

    I was not able to send you an item on your gift list. Amazon reports only *my* shipping addresses, no way to send it to owner of the gift list.

    Found this in some comments on the net (others experience this problem, too):
    “The above is correct. The creator of the wish list simply has to go to their list, then on the left there is an option for “list settings”. Once the pop up opens, select “view details” on the list they want to share and have things shipped from and their address of choice should be selected. Once they update this, you can send things directly to them vs. having them come to you and then having to resend them. Hope that helps!”

    Can you check?

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Sure enough, I checked and noticed that there was no shipping addressed listed. Not sure what happened because I’ve gotten gifts from there before. So, that’s weird.

      Anyway, it should be fixed now. Thanks.

      1. Someone WantedToSendAGift In reply to Justin Tadlock

        Thanks. Friday it’s shipped, they say.

        1. In reply to Someone WantedToSendAGift

          Awesome! Thank you.

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