1. Grégoire Noyelle

    Thanks so much Justin for this plugin. I use it all the time in every project.
    Donation just done 🙂

  2. Andy Warren

    Awesome. Can’t wait to update all the sites I have running Members! First thing tomorrow morning I’ll be installing the new version! Thanks for an awesome plugin!

  3. Shivanand Sharma

    I’ve never used before. But I’m going to use it on my new site which is half-way done. Thanks for the hard-work putting up an awesome plugin!

  4. […] in fact). While it’s worked as advertised without a hitch for me, I’m excited a new version has just been released with a ton of great improvements. Read more about it here: Members is back with a […]

  5. The Frosty

    This is amazing! The multiple roles per users is incredible. This will come in handy just as I have some role/caps work to do!

  6. Samuel

    What does exactly the “Deny” capability feature? I mean, a role can have a capability or don’t have it, but deny it?

    • Justin Tadlock

      Essentially, denying a capability means that you’re explicitly denying that capability to any user with that particular role. This is quite different than simply not having a capability. Let me give you an example.

      Imagine you run a site that has two roles: 1) Role A and 2) Role B. Role A’s users can publish posts and publish pages. Role B’s users can publish forums.

      Now, imagine you want to give a specific user the ability to publish posts and publish forums but not publish pages. Well, you could create a Role C with those specific caps or you can deny the publish pages cap for Role B.

      That way, you can give both Role A and Role B to your user. Because publishing pages is explicitly denied to users of Role B, that user won’t have that cap.

      This is an overly simplistic example. Basically, denied caps usually only come in handy when you have users with two or more, overlapping roles. Most users will never need denied caps, but they come in handy when you’re building complex sites with multiple roles per user.

      Like I said in the example, you could’ve created a separate Role C. Imagine that scenario repeated 20 times on one site where you have things that are overlapping. You could potentially be looking at 60 or more roles on just a single site, which is far too many roles to manage.

  7. jake

    Is it possible to give users access to only a specific category of posts?

    I see it is most likely possible to do by setting up a custom post type and have logged in users only able to view the custom posts but I was hoping to avoid extra plugins if possible.

  8. Erik Joling

    Haven’t used the members plugin yet, but looking forward to implement it in my soon to be launched personal blog.

    Furthermore I really appreciate your detailed blog posts and documentation!

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