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Screenshot of the Members - Admin Access WordPress plugin settings screen

A few weeks ago, it was suggested that Members could use a feature or add-on for restricting access to the WordPress admin. It makes sense. I could see such a feature being particularly useful for sites that already have some sort of front-end profile editing. Ecommerce and forum plugins often offer this feature. Many users on those types of sites should never see the admin.

I decided to go the add-on route because this is a feature that probably won’t be used by most Members’ users. Plus, this will add to the overall Members plugin add-on ecosystem and will be the 4th add-on available.

What does the plugin do?

Members – Admin Access basically allows you to control which users have access to your site’s WordPress admin.

By default, all existing roles on your site will have access so that nothing changes when you first activate the plugin. You simply need to go to the “Admin Access” tab on the Members > Settings screen to change that. There’s a couple of other settings there too for changing the redirect URL and handling the toolbar output on the front end.

The “Administrator” role cannot be blocked out of the box. This is simply a security measure to make sure no one accidentally locks themselves out of the admin.

You’ll need the Members plugin installed to use this add-on.

PHP 5.6+ only

I wanted to make this quick announcement here since this is my first plugin to require this version of PHP.

I’ve officially bumped the minimum PHP version for this plugin to 5.6+. Many other plugins and themes will follow this path going forward. It’s time to move on to newer (relatively speaking) PHP features, which make my life as a developer much better. Anything that makes it easier for me to develop plugins will be better for you, the users, in the long run as well.

So, if you’re not on at least 5.6, talk to your Web host. If they won’t upgrade it for you, I strongly recommend moving on to another host.

And, while you’re at it, see if you can get them to put you on PHP 7.2. You might as well ask for the latest and greatest technology for running your site.

Get the plugin

You can purchase the add-on for $10 or download it as part of the premium membership package along with all other premium content on this site.

Please enjoy the plugin. And, don’t hesitate to share any ideas you have for future add-ons to the Members plugin.

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