1. I like it, in a “no guts, no glory” kinda way. I’ll be partaking in this, not in the least just so I can give something back.

    I think this is a good example of bringing software closer to the end-users. Good idea, Justin.

    🙂 Ewen

  2. Thanks. I figured since I’m going to be living on the edge, then I may as well offer up the opportunity to anyone else that’s willing to do so as well.

    Once the new year rolls around and the holiday dust is settled, I’ll be really developing this section of the site.

  3. Great idea Justin – would it be possible for you to note the enhancements and bug fixes that have been done on the development versions available for download in The Lab, ie. what changes have been done so far for development version of Hybrid 0.4

    1. Yeah, I’ll add a change set file in the next update so everyone will be able to see what’s going on.

    1. I definitely want to have a public SVN repository for everything at some point. My current hosting environment doesn’t allow these to be public (only private), but I’ll probably be upgrading to a better server in January that should allow this. If nothing else, I might just put it up on Google Code.

  4. Could you also include in the change set file which “plugins” are built into Hybrid, eg. cleaner gallery, get image and etc., just so I don’t inadvertantly/stupidly double up by adding a plugin that is already inbuilt.

    1. I’ll only be adding things that have changed. So, if a new plugin gets built into it, then I would do that.

  5. good idea… its better to download and try development builds on local machines so implementators can save time…

    nice work justin.


  6. I went to the /lab page, and found hybrid there, however there is no info on, what is included ( extra ) on this lab download ?

    second question, will you be updating it on this blog, when you make a new lab project or version available ? or, do I have to subscribe to /lab ?

    thanks 🙂 I would really like to provide my help as a lab “technician” lol 🙂

  7. luison

    New to hybrid but as I’ve done with other themes an SVN is a logic need for a framework theme. Thanks for your great work. JL

  8. 🙂 Was hoping I could download the .6 bleeding edge like your site is running on. That would be cool 😉

    Thanks man!

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