Life Collage WordPress Theme

Life Collage WordPress Theme

Life Collage is a child theme of the Hybrid theme framework. It’s about getting back to the roots of blogging. About sharing our lives. And, about having a little fun while we do it.

The design was by a good friend of mine, Tung Do (aka Small Potato). It’s a beautiful design, and I only hope I’ve done it justice by packaging it up as a WordPress theme. Of course, I threw in a few bits and pieces of my own style.

For anyone that wants to get back to enjoying blogging again, this is the perfect theme.

What are the features of Life Collage?

You’ll get all these features:

  • Fun design, of course!
  • Lifestream page template that does some cool things:
    • Integrates with the FlickrRSS plugin.
    • Provides you with a lifestream widget area (show off Twitter and other feeds).
  • Gives you one more widget area for the splash area above the content.
  • Valid code.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • And every single feature that makes Hybrid a great framework to build on.

Download this theme already!

Make sure you’ve installed the Hybrid theme before using this.

As always, keep praise and adoration in the comments and support questions in the support forums. Any comments that belong in the support forums will be deleted.


  1. Many

    Another great work you guyz have done here. I really love the design, and the lifestream widget area is awesome 😀

  2. Many — I’m a huge fan of the design too. Now, if only some of Small Potato’s design skills will rub off on me…

  3. I’ve been waiting for this for sooooooooooooooooo long… and you know what, I had the preview image bookmarked so that I can look at it everytime 😀

  4. Jeffro

    Small Potato strikes again! This is another example of why it sucks to have seen him leave the community. The guy obviously had some talent. I think you’ve done the design justice and overall, love the combination between simplicity and design. Spiffy commenting area as well 🙂 Great job you two.

  5. As always, his designs are fabulous.

    Despite what happened to his site, I believe the community would welcome him back.

  6. Ed__

    Beautiful~ way to spoil us!

  7. dinu — I know. I had to wait until Hybrid 0.5 was out because I couldn’t make this child theme on 0.4. Well, I could, but there were some things I needed to do first.

    Jeffro — Yeah, SP is probably still one of the best theme designers around, even after being out of the game for so long.

    Andrea_R — I think we’d all welcome him back with open arms.

    Ed_ — You’re welcome. 😉

  8. Jim

    Phew i talk to myself! It should be ‘ Hi Justin’ lolz

  9. Please post some version .6 news 😀 need some preview etc,

  10. dinu — Here’s some news about version 0.6.

  11. Great theme, will be passing this one on to a friend who might be looking for a new theme.

  12. need author comment highlighting please ! and posts do not show dates next to title or tags …

  13. koffiekitten — Cool. Let me know if your friend decides to use it.

    dinu — Sorry, I don’t plan on adding those things in for this theme.

  14. Good theme 🙂

  15. Sorry I don’t know what happened to SP, I used one of his themes before coming here and I also did his tutorials on how to create a WP theme. All of which were excellent. What happened to him?

  16. Nice 🙂 I think I finally found the theme to replace my personal blog’s ‘Thirteen’ by Becca …

    Now… just need to figure out how to get the “Quotes Collection – Random Quote” widget to display… (greyed out in my list of widgets)…

  17. Jim

    In the demo, the first letter of each post used big and bold font different from do i make this?

    1. Jim — Please ask all support questions on the support forums.

  18. Life Collage this theme is attractive 😉

  19. ChaoticBliss


  20. Thats certainly food for thought, where can I get more information on this?

  21. […] Life Collage […]

  22. It’s a good theme, I like the way it is subtle and compliments the page information. It has given me a couple of ideas. I am currently researching ideas on the web for our new blog and its simplicity in structure is what I find appealing the most, which I think you have tackled well.



  23. Thanks for the themes.. I really like actually. It’s very simple and have a very clean look and not to mention the Flickr RSS plugin is a very great addition ^^ Keep up the good work..

  24. Simplicity is beauty indeed. I have been looking for a theme that would be perfect for my blog and this would finally be it. After days and days of research, I finally found one.

  25. Dan

    That’s a nice clean design (love the colour theme). Personally I’d make the header colour slightly darker so it stands our more. Still good stuff, thanks

  26. Very impressive design. Good job

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