1. Another nice child theme justin Very professional. Very Clean. Kudos.

    Thinkjayant (TJ)

  2. Thanks. I was really pushing for a more professional layout this time, something that could be used for a personal and professional site.

  3. Excellent child theme, Justin! I love Hybrid, and can see myself using Leviathan.

    Thank you for the great work!

  4. It looks really cool and clean. It’s nice to have the light background compared to the old-school theme. I miss the showcase from Old School though 🙂

  5. I like it – a lot. I’ll be using it for my ‘corporate’ web site come February – after my longest holiday in 6 years (yes, I know it’s not relevant here but I’m excited about it).

    I looked for a long, long time for a decent, intelligent and workable WordPress theme before I landed here. Justin, I think your WordPress Hybrid theme framework is the bleeding edge of what’s available without the expense and trouble getting one custom-cut. Powerful, usable and approachable. Well done.

  6. I like how you styled the header at your blog, Justin.

    Am now using Leviathan on my blog with a few modifications of my own: it’d be an honor if you have time to take a look and give me a critique and some suggestions. 🙂

  7. I´m really interested in this issue. Congratulations!!!

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